Some of the Cloud Computing Storage Service Providers

Cloud computing storage, may sound little new to few of us. But it is not a new technology. Cloud computing is a new technology and became famous in very less time, because of its mouth watering features. These features are like scalability of the applications and features according to the dynamic requirements of the business. And the cost is reduced drastically as we pay only for the applications used and for the duration of the time the applications are used.

Let us go little deeper to understand the storage service and storage service providers of clouds. As the name implies, it does not mean that your web data files are stored in the clouds. In fact the data would be stored safely in the cloud servers in the secured data centers. You can access and modify your files from the cloud server whenever you require from any computing device and anywhere in the world.

The famous cloud storage services, where the cloud hosting data is stored in the cloud servers, are four storage services. These cloud computing storage provider help during the processes of management of cloud hosting.


DropBox has been the oldest and also successful cloud storage service provider. This major storage service provides the services called cloud storage, file synchronization, client software along with plug-ins. Handling this storage device is simple, that you just have to place your folder, where all the web files would be stored. This specific folder would be synchronized with the folder by the Dropbox in the server. It is an easy way to manage the web files used for maintaining your website. These files can be accessed through other computing devices also like mobile phone etc.


Google has been into this storage service provider since recently. It offers about 5 GB free space to store your web files in cloud hosting servers. If you are looking for more, you need to pay for the rented space on monthly basis. And it can provide maximum of 16 TB of memory. It is comparatively economical to go with the Google Drive.


This sweet SugarSync also offers free space of 5 GB storage. Using this several folders through various computers can be synchronized to the cloud. And this option is not available with the other storage service providers. Its synchronization has been extended to backup system, access systems along with diverse platforms of operating system.


SkyDrive is a storage service provider for clouds by Microsoft. This storage service provider gives more free storage space up to 7 GB for the host customer. Upgrading this storage also would be more economical than the other storage service providers. SkyDrive allows the host customer to perform various functions such as a file up to 300 MB can be easily moved across other location through drag and drop method. Many of files can be created and modified, directly when these are stored in the SkyDrive. Like other services, it has the integration of the mobile and other computing devices too.

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