Choosing Your Business Website Domain Name

Every home based business needs its own website to have a chance of finding new customers and clients. No matter what you do, you need to have a professional looking site that will draw people in.

This process starts with your domain name. If you have a relevant and well thought out domain name you can look forward to receiving free traffic of sorts. The search engines rank all websites on the internet organically, so you can get traffic for free if people find you through these results. But you need to have a good site in order for it to rank highly enough to be found, and this all starts with a good domain name.

For example if you have a site and a service that offers CV writing, you should try and find a domain name related to that service. But you need to think about who you are aiming at before you choose your domain name.

For example the easiest thing to think would be to try and get something along the lines of But this would only be aimed at the UK market. For starters it uses CV - Americans use the word resume. And you also have the suffix. Now both of these things are fine if you are aiming purely at the UK market.

But supposing you want to attract worldwide clients? You could process work from abroad easily because you can get all the information you need from your client via email and send the completed work in the same way. If someone from the USA sees your domain name they might well think that you only work for people in the UK, so they would go elsewhere; one potential client lost to you.

Similarly though, if you had a domain name which just focused on resumes you might lose out on UK based clients. So for this example you would need to find something that focuses on everyone. How about as being somewhat better? This would work and it also contains the main two keywords that show that you supply to all kinds of markets. The .com suffix is also viewed as being universal and applicable to a world business rather than one that only applies to a specific country.

So you can see why opting for your first choice of domain name can be the wrong decision to make. If you can focus on other alternatives and study the possible consequences of each name before making your decision, you will end up with a better domain name that is much stronger. You can find some free online tools on the internet that help you figure out all the options for choosing domain names if you feel you need some help. But strictly speaking spending more time making that decision is the best route to take.

Your domain name will stay with you and your home business for a long time. This is why you need to make sure that you pick the right one - one that will grab some free traffic from the internet, for your website, every day of the week.

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