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When people try to run a website, they would surely want to know about the flow of the visitors in the website day by day or even hour by hour. It is especially important for some online businesses because the online business owners would need to check the statistics to find which articles attracts the customers most and what is the period of time when most potential clients would visit the websites. All these would be useful for the business to target the customers better and bring better promotional effect to the company.

There are some tools for people who would like to check the traffic of the website all the time. Among all these suitable tools, Webalizer and Awstats are quite well-known. These two programs are more and more popular in the world nowadays and a lot of people would want to use these services for the good of the website development. However, people should distinguish between the features among the two tools so as to find the best one to work with them.

First of all, Awstats is a kind of programs which used Perl for the construction. It would analyze a lot of information, not just web logs. They would analyze things like FTP and mail, so that customers could get more information about the background information of the visitors. This program can be run using CGI script conveniently and directly. The program is very user-friendly and people could simply adjust the settings of the program to make it more suitable to use. The users of Awstats could also export the information to XML files so that they could review the data later conveniently.

On the other hand, the Webalizer is founded by C, and it could only be used to analyze data based on the web logs of the server. Moreover, they could tract granular data. When people use the default settings for the installation, they would be able to install Webalizer directly under the Apache server in the root directory. Thus, people could run the program using the command prompt directly. Then, the users could find the number of visitors who had visited the website and also there would be a lot of information shown.

To conclude, Awstats is more user-friendly to new website owners because they would have a lot of flexible programs for people to use and the data shown in the service would be clearer. Therefore, people could try to find suitable information conveniently. Of course, if you are experienced website owners and you are confident that you have the ability to manage the website statistics well and you could read the complicated statistics easily, you could try to find the Webalizer for use. It is because Webalizer would be cheaper in some ways and there would be a lot of suitable supports for clients. Therefore, Webalizer would still be a good choice provided that you know the basic techniques to read and handle the website statistics. With these tools, people could surely improve the quality of the websites.

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