The Top 5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

There is no doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today's webdesign point of view.

The importance of user-friendly websites is on the rise with most people acquiring tablets and smartphones. The design and experience of websites have been drastically changed with more people accessing the internet through their mobile devices. Initially, web designers only engaged in developing webs with similar looks. However, this has had to change as the experience of interacting with the web on PCs is far way different from what is experienced on smartphones and tablets. In creating a Responsive Website Design, various factors like screen size, click verses touch, support for new technology, pixel resolution, optimized markup, and many more become a crucial consideration.

If your business depends on SEO to gain traffic, then, there is need to create mobile friendly websites as much of the traffic nowadays is obtained from mobile sites. The number of mobile devices been bought each year have surpassed those of the desktops. More people nowadays access the internet through their mobile devices than desktops. It is logical to argue that mobile search will soon overtake desktop with mobile been easily accessed even when on travel.

A Responsive Web design commonly abbreviated as RWD id a means of planning and coding a website in a manner that users have an optimal experience when navigating it. Panning, resizing and scrolling on the screen should be seamless giving users ease time.

At Unreal Web Marketing, we ensure that several web navigation elements are correctly set. Such features include texts, images, screen layouts, video and audio players, and any other elements that might need re-adjusting. Businesses don't have to invest in both the mobile and desktop user-friendly websites if they are to reap the fruits of online marketing. They can create a single responsive web design and still enjoy all the benefits of online businesses.

Here are just 5 advantages of having a responsive web design:

1. Super Flexible

A responsive web design should be made to flow seamlessly with content being able to flow across both screens of mobile and desktop with ease. Fluidity is achieved in the manner that web activities are done. The grids and the images on the display should flow smoothly making it easier for users to view what they want without any difficulties. Content on the screen device should be able to flow nicely in the similar manner liquids flows to occupy a new space.

2. Excellent user experience

Most marketing gurus will claim high-quality content to be the king of online marketing and SEO. While this is true, the users must be made to consume the content first. The experience users get when they visit any website through their devices will determine if they will stay longer to read what is on the website. A Responsive web design provides the optimum user experience on different devices allowing users professionals with busy schedules to access websites at any time of the day. It prevents the need for resizing and scrolling for users to be able to get your content with any device they are using.

3. Cost effective

One major advantage of having one website conforming to all the responsive website design is that you get to spend less. Extra costs will be incurred in developing two sites for desktops and mobile devices. Designing sites solely for mobile devices will make them lack some features like the advanced navigation found on desktop websites. They also require users to maintain two different web addresses for each site. This is an inconvenience that can easily be avoided by having a single Responsive we design. SEO is enhanced when users use the responsive web designs as all the traffic is directed to one website without taking into consideration the type of device used.

4. It is Recommended by Google

Google has a whopping 67% market share that is way ahead of their competitors. This goes to show the important role Google Plays in the online marketing. Search marketers will listen to whatever Google says. Google highly recommends Responsive mobile design and even goes to call it the best practice in the industry.

There are several reasons why responsive web design is crucial to all businesses. Sites designed with the responsive web designs use the same URLs and HTML for both mobile and desktops. This makes it easier for Google indexing, crawl and content organization. This cannot be compared to sites with different URLs and HTMLs, which for Google to crawl and index them two versions of the same company.

Other reasons for Google's preference for responsive web design are the fact that content on one site with the same URLs is easy to locate and share. Such content can easily be shared and linked with ease unlike content found on two different websites. A good example is when people exchange information on social media platforms using different devices. Individuals using a mobile device will not be able to share the same content to individuals using desktops. Optimal user experience is limited by using two sites for the same type of business. Because of all this, Google has gone to the extent of using user experience as a factor to consider when ranking websites. This is a significant factor when SEO is taken into consideration.

5. Very easy to manage

Having a responsive website design makes it easy to manage your online marketing. Two different sites for both mobile and desktop will require two SEO campaigns. Managing one SEO is one major advantage the responsive we design has over the two separate websites for mobile and desktop. However, it is worth noting that there are benefits of using a mobile friendly website. Certain keywords are more likely to be found when typed on the mobile device than on the desktop. SEO strategy for mobile can help locate business by optimizing specific keywords. In performing a mobile search for a local company, users are more likely to include terms like nearby in their search. However, having two separate sites is not a strategy for doing SEO specific searches. Mobile specific keywords can still be incorporated in the responsive web design and help in the search.

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