Revealed! The Secrets of Internet Marketing For Tough Times

With most countries still reeling from the effects of the economic crisis, there is certainly no dearth of exerts and publications screaming themselves hoarse calling this the most pronounced and worse economic crisis since the great depression; this in turn has led to a lot of people looking for alternate or second sources of income and the internet has been a hot favorite. Unfortunately, growing competition has made life difficult for most internet marketers, so here is how you can work internet marketing wonders in these tough times.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords: Even though seasoned internet marketers are well aware of the importance of keywords and their ranking on Google, a newbie may often underestimate the impact of high ranking keywords. As a matter of fact, it would be safe to suggest that using the right keywords and ensuring that they enjoy high ranking should be the primary objective of any internet marketing strategy. If you are new, start with long tail keywords (multiple word keywords) and work your way up to the more popular ones. Make sure that your keywords get the top listing; once you accomplish this, it will be very easy for you to make a killing with your online marketing endeavors regardless of how bad the times are.

Build relationships and lists with auto responders: It is essential that you buyers and potential clients perceive your organization as professional so it is imperative to use auto responders to let your clients know that you are interested in their business. Sending follow up messages will help you to build trustworthy and beneficial relationships with your clients. Also, do not underestimate the importance of list building; after all can you imagine the number of products that you can sell to customers who are interested in buying those products to begin with? Use social networking sires like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace for the job because they can be very potent when used for building your contacts.

Work on your USP: You customers will not buy from you unless you can give them a damn good reason to do so. Remember that even the most reputable companies feel the need to offer a little extra to their clients. Use this principle in the form of bonuses, discounts and special offers for your clients and see your sales figure sky rocketing. There are several very successful sites that have nothing else besides free coupons and discounts from various companies and you would be shocked to hear the number of people who visit these sites regularly. If you have a link to a product on your site, you can be reasonably sure that you will be one among dozens of marketers, so the simple question running through your potential clients mind will be, why should he buy from you as opposed to the other marketer out there, now don't you think that the decision will be simply if there is an extra perk involved in the equation for the customer?

It is also important to remembers that will all the effort and freebies in the world, it would still be difficult to sell a poor quality product and even if you do manage to dupe your customers once, you can be absolutely sure that they will never buy from you again, so you will be missing out potential business worth thousands; instead try to choose quality products. Picking a good product and brand will make life simple for you because you will not have to work to o hard on marketing them. Finally, remember that you put your customers at ease when you give them a lot of information about the product that you are marketing. After all, people can't see the products that they are buying online so they very little to rely on besides your words.

Target products that will give you a residual income: The best marketing strategy is to choose products that are sold once but will give you an income for a ling time to come. Some such services include: telephone, web hosting, marketing programs etc. When a customer buys a product from these companies, they stay on for years; this means that you get continual income.

Seomul Evans is an Search Engine Optimization consultant.

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