How to Write Articles For Adsense Web Pages

Most people are unsure how to write articles for Adsense web pages. The major problem with web pages that have been designed to make money from Google Adsense adverts is that most people have little idea of how to write them so that their website is listed on Google: if your site is not listed then Adsense could cost you more than you make from it.

The Google Adsense program is one in which you can make money by permitting Google to place adverts on your website. You have likely seen them: those ads on web pages that are headed 'Sponsored Ads', and then offer blocks of adverts that relate to the theme of the page. These adverts are the Google Adwords PPC ads that appear on the right hand side of a Google search engine results page.

If you join the Adsense program Google places these adverts on your web page after scanning your page with their search engine algorithm and determining the most appropriate ads for your web page content. Whenever somebody clicks on ad advert on your page, you get a share of the amount the advertiser is paying Google per click for that advert.

Many people create pages just to promote these adverts, so that the page content must relate to the thee of the advert because that is how Google determines what ads to place on your pages. That involves not only intelligent use of keywords, but also an understanding of Google's latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm.

Using LSI, Google determines the content of your web page from the vocabulary used on the page. Your keyword will be amongst that vocabulary, but so will other words that are related to the topic. For example, you might be seeking adverts on Payday Loans, which are loans provided to people until their next payday. Lenders make a lot of money from these and so are prepared to pay high PPC prices of many dollars for every click.

In writing content for a page on that topic, you cannot just offer countless repetitions of 'payday loans' on your page, but must provide useful content or Google will not list your page. Your text should also include terms such as 'loans till payday', 'temporary loans', 'emergency cash', 'emergency money' and so on. Google's algorithm will pick these up and understand the focus of your web page. Excessive use of 'payday loans' will be judged as keyword spamming.

You therefore have to learn how to write articles for genuine Adsense web pages the correct way with just repeating keywords. To do that, it is often a good idea to use an online thesaurus such as, although in respect of payday loans you won't get much because it is more appropriate for single word keywords. The thesaurus gives you lists of synonyms for the various meaning of word you enter, and you can use these synonyms in your web page article, so long as the meaning is near enough the same as your keyword.

For example, if you wanted another way to write 'piles of money' by using a thesaurus, you could end up writing 'hemorrhoids of money' if your knowledge of vocabulary wasn't too good! That might raise a laugh, but it might not do your business a lot of good!

Therefore use a single word from your keyword, such as payday, or loan, and use what comes up with. In fact 'payday' offers nothing, but 'pay' offers 'cash' and 'loan' offers advance so a good alternative is 'cash advance' - or even better 'short term cash advance' which is what a payday loan is. So can help you and it is free to use.

When your write articles for Adsense sites it is important that they are search engine friendly. You could use PPC adverts to advertise your web pages, but these could cost you a lot - over $10/click for payday loans, and you would have to get a few clicks on your ads to make that. It can be done, but it is better for your web pages to be listed on Google and for you to get free natural traffic.

So the secret of how to write articles for genuine Adsense web pages is that they must offer good information, they must not be stuffed with keywords, and they must seem attractive to Google's algorithms. Achieve that and there is a lot of money to be made from Adsense - but not as much as there once was in the past.

For more information on how to write articles for Adsense pages or for any other purpose, check out Pete's website where you will learn not only how to write professional articles, but also how to make money from them.

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