SEM and SEO Working Together!

Most of us are familiar with the terms of SEM/SEO because we see one or both of these terms used in some form almost every day on the internet. Both of these terms are essential to internet marketing, however, it is imperative that we understand the many differences between the features, benefits and functions of these two marketing terms.

First, let's talk about the functions of SEM, which is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. SEM includes marketing strategies used by individuals and professionals for marketing any entity on the internet using various methods of marketing to accomplish their marketing goals.

SEM may include programs such as Pay per Click Ads or Pay for Inclusion Ads. If you're not familiar with this type of marketing, then do some research and see if this type of marketing may be for you. Paid for listings has been used quite successfully by many marketers and should draw a fair amount of traffic to your website if this is one of your marketing choices.

Search Engine Marketing may be one of the most recognized methods of promoting on line and has been used by a broad range of owners, webmasters and promoters quite successfully since the inception of the internet. Make sure you understand how it works before you spend a lot of money trying to make it happen.

SEO which is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to comply with the search engines algorithms for maximum online exposure of your website. There are multiple facets that an individual must understand about optimization before they can manage their websites with optimum results. This may require an incredible amount of time and efforts to make SEO work for you.

Most people don't have the time to devote to learning this process or acquiring the knowledge to promote their website successfully. If this sounds like you, then you need to secure the services of a professional, who has learned exactly what to do, where to do it, and how to do it. Securing this type of service is money well spent and your results will happen much quicker than trying to do it yourself.

There are two ways you can get listed on top positions with Google and some of the other major search engines. One is paid advertising and the other is organic listings. Some of the comments below should help you understand some of these differences more clearly.

When you log onto Google for example, you will see a couple of ads across the top of the listings with a pale pink background color. You will also see some listing along the right side of the page. Both of those sections are all paid advertisements and anyone can purchase those ads if you have enough money to out bid other bidders.

The organic positions which are the rest of the listings, are earned by following the search engine rules and a lot of hard work. When an online user types in the search bar a keyword of interest, the search engines will post the most popular sites fitting the description you typed in your query.

Most savvy users will look for the generic sites first rather than the paid ads because they know that the generic websites have followed the search engines rules and have gained their positions the hard way using legitimate marketing procedures.

We stated earlier in this article that there are multiple facets which comprise the process of SEO. Some of those important items include keyword rich titles, well written meta tags, keywords and keyword phrases within the source code of a website.

Proper HTML code within the website code is critical for the search engine robot spiders to index ant site successfully. Good, relevant keyword rich content is what the search engines are looking for and will reward you handsomely for providing quality information and will reward your site, with higher page rankings.

Once your site is constructed correctly, then your site must be promoted correctly for the world to see. There are several successful ways to promote a site and the process is one that must be learned in order to be successfully indexed by the engines. Search engine hand indexing is an effective way to get the search engines to index you website quicker when new content is added to your site.

You must utilize a combination of submission directories, link directories and article directory techniques to accomplish your goals quickly and successfully. Use as many of your marketing tools as possible to legitimately enhance your online presence.

Depending on your perception of online success, your strategies may not include all the things we've talked about here today, however, if you understand the major differences between SEM and SEO you will become a better marketer and your results will be quickly recognized by the positions you've earned when someone is looking to participate in your online business.

Both SEM and SEO have their places in online marketing, and each function is imperative for the betterment of a website. Study and understand more about the differences, then apply your new found knowledge to your advantage for optimum online success.

Larry L Miller ( - SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting clients to "Top Positions on Google" and other leading search engines. Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders ( the leader in Automated Marketing Systems. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121

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