20 Tips to Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

Just yesterday I have told that the social bookmarking sites are a great way to bring traffic. You can target as many as 20,000 visitors a day and even more. There are sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious that can help you to get rush to your site.

You just need to get to the first page of the site and tell you frankly it's not that tough. You just need to take care of the few things and you are on your way of success. Let us now discuss on things that you need to take care for getting to the first page of such social bookmarking site:

* Prepare Catchy Headlines: Many a times it happens that we prepare a great content for users information, but don't pay much attention to title. So many a times good work go unnoticed. So get attractive and catchy headline for your article.

* Have a good description: Now after heading comes the description of the article. Limit your description to 100-150 words as users won't read more than that. Only headline won't serve the purpose, you also need to prepare description of the article in a way that can attract users attention.

* Write well first paragraph: First para is the thing that the user first encounters in your article. If you have good headline, description then don't let your image fall by having a low first para. Create a unique one for it.

* Focus Heavily on Content: In web-world it is said that "Content is King". It is the only thing that can help you to drag tons of traffic. So be unique and original in writing content, and write according to users interest, only write what your visitors want read.

* Be user friendly: Have a social bookmarking buttons on your site so that the users can easily vote and bookmark the article. In this way you can get free promotion.

* Submit at right time: You are given only 24 hours to stay on the first page. So it is wastage of your hours when you submit the article when the visitors are sleeping. And by the time they wake up you will be long behind the list as there are other updates. So try various trial n error timing so know the ripe time to post article.

* Submit to right category: Always go for the right and the most suitable category for your site. Then only it will be beneficial to you.

* Be in top profile: Be an active user of the social bookmarking sites and keep posting interesting articles and information on regular basis. So this way you can build trust in the minds of visitors, and they turn into recurring visitors.

* Develop group with other social bookmarkers: Just posting a article won't do. Develop a group of friends and supporters on such social bookmarking sites who can vote for your work. And thus this can create wonders for you.

* Have English as major language: Try to post and write articles that are written only in English, as you get maximum traffic from the English readers and it is widely accepted language, and mostly supported by all browsers and sites.

* Stay away from stale news: Never try to post anything that the readers already know and it's a past now. Always try to bring something new for the readers and visitors.

* Have your facts checked: Whenever you post anything that have facts and figures associated with it, twice check it before submitting the article so that no one can question you in the future.

* Have spell check: Always have a spell and grammar check before submitting the article. Proof read it twice.

* Select proper topic: Sometimes having excellent information does not work as the topic is not up-to the mark. Before submitting the content to any social bookmarking site have a research done to check what all information is mostly looked on that site.

* Have related articles: For social bookmarking sites it's like when you are on the first page traffic pours in like anything, when you roll out of the list then there is sudden drop. To have recurring visits have related articles to the content posted on social bookmarking site catch visitors attraction, and make them surf the other parts of the site and read articles.

* Be interactive: Have the facility of RSS feed and newsletter subscription on our site, so that the visitors can be constantly updated about the updates on your site. You will find a surprisingly increase in the subscription when your article is on the first page of social bookmarking sites.

* Stay away from automated submitters: Take care that you always submit the article manually and don't go for automated submission. They are often malware.

* Quick response to your comments: if you receive comment on your article be sure that you respond to it as soon as possible. This makes the commenter feel that you are active and not fake, he can trust you now.

* Have good server: Host your site keeping in mind the targeted amount of traffic. It should not happen that the traffic rushes in all of sudden and your server gets crashed. Have a proper and strong hosting server.

* Try for Snowball effects: If you have good information posted on the social bookmarking site and it becomes famous, then other bloggers can blog about it. In this way you can get lot of back links from their blogs, and if you are systematic and punctual in your efforts of posting good content regularly this can lead to huge increase in backlinks and popularity or page rank.

Thus keep in mind the above mentioned tips and advice and you can come into lime-light all of sudden, by dragging huge traffic to your site all of sudden.

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