Using Press Releases For Publicity and SEO Benefits

What is a news release? Press releases are written notification to the news media to announce anything which can be deemed to be news-worthy. The primary idea is always to draw good media reports that would provide useful publicity intended for services mentioned in the news release.

Press announcements were initially designed as a communication tool between an organization's PR team and also public relations firms and the media. Nowadays, you will discover press release submission services on the internet that help disseminate your press release online. The more established providers can even get the news release syndicated on widely-used news websites, including Google and Yahoo News.

So as to get an idea of how popular internet news search is, comScore found that the majority of internet users stop by an online news website in a given month. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that marketing experts advocate making use of media releases to drive targeted prospects to websites. The method is becoming increasingly popular and a search on Google uncovers quite a few brand new companies offering optimized press release assistance for people and firms needing to get publicity for their products and services.

Having said that, news releases are not only great for marketing but also creates an outstanding chance for getting backlinks, that happens to be invaluable towards SEO. SEO describes the process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results.

To start, the majority of the press release distribution sites have high authority and thus, any backlink coming from them will be beneficial. Press release sites like are clearly aware about this and feature a clever SEO package, that allows the usage of anchortext links, as a result.

Furthermore, a lot of blogs and websites syndicate content material from news release and online news websites, giving the press release even more exposure and helping you to access a broader audience on the web. If anchortext links were included in the body of your content, chances are that these websites will likely publish them along with your press release, hence, creating lots of backlinks to your site instantly.

To that end, here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your press releases:

1. The key towards creating a great and impressive press release would be to prepare and check your media release before posting it. Begin with something worth announcing and concentrate on a particular theme. Excessive information and working on many key terms will weaken the actual message for both search engines and readers.

2. All good press releases follow a particular structure. Research news releases online and examine the very best ones you see. Create a good headline and write a teaser in the summary, in order to motivate the reader to proceed further. Endeavor to write 450-500 words in the body of the media release and ensure that you include the relevant particulars, including contact information.

3. Embed hyperlinks within your news release to be able to maximize the SEO value, if allowed by the media release provider. Certain services may impose a cost to enable this particular feature, while others permit using only the website URL in your link or even put in a "nofollow" attribute to the outgoing links. As a rule of thumb, attempt to maintain a proportion of 1 texlink for every 200 words to prevent the media release from looking spammy.

4. There are lots of wire services that offer press release distribution such as PRweb, Prlog and 24-7 Press Release. Shortlist the ones that are affordable to you and at the same time, provide features which can fulfill your marketing goals. There are free, as well as, paid distribution services, news release websites that Yahoo and Google favour for news syndication, and even providers that include social features.

5. If you submit exactly the same media release with multiple wire services on the same day, it is likely that Google News may filter out the duplicates. For this reason, if your news release has more than one angle, you should re-write the content for each newswire service to make them seem unique.

6. As soon as the media release has been reviewed and published, you can help publicize it through various means, including publishing the media release on the company website, blogging about it and submitting it to social websites like Facebook.

7. Last but not least, analyze your site's analytics to measure the marketing impact of the news release.

Larry Lim has been providing SEO and Google Adwords services since 2005. Larry also owns and operates Singapore Press Release - a free newswire service for Singapore companies.

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