5 Tips For Creating Better Videos

I'll admit it. I'm not really a video person. I'd much rather read or skim content quickly than sit through a video before I even know if I'm interested.

I've sat through long (and boring) videos that didn't have to be that way. Now, I understand that getting a video completed is a huge accomplishment, and that is amazing!

Yet a few simple tips would make your videos easier to watch for those of us who really don't like watching videos in the first place:
  1. Know what you want to communicate. Little is worse than tuning in to watch a video and the presenter seems to have no point and they ramble on and on. Equally bad is when they get distracted by every little thing and never get to the point. Keep your script tight and short and make sure you get to what you want to say as soon as you can. Remember, you don't have an unlimited amount of time to gain and keep your audience's attention, so make every minute count.
  2. Have good lighting. I've gotten dinged on this before. Even though you don't think it's distracting if your face is half shadowed or there is funny lighting or strange patterns on the wall behind you, the truth is, it is distracting for your viewers. If you are going to take the time to record a video, make sure we can see your face- fully- and without any weird lighting or strange light patterns on the wall behind you or above your head. . It's wise to take a short test video before you begin, and then also test a few times during your recording process if you're there for a while. If you have any windows in your recording space, the light will change as the sun moves- and will make weird patterns later where none were before.
  3. Keep it short. This goes to my point #1. I'd much rather watch a short and powerful and informative video that tells me what I need to know then one that goes on and on and on. It's just like writing salesletters- say as much as you need to say, but not more. After some point, extra words don't add extra meaning.
  4. Add a personal touch. Tell me something about yourself. Be human. Video is a rapid way to build connection, so use it to build that connection.
  5. Semi-professional is enough. If you are using video marketing to build visibility for your business, watch your video and measure against whether it is professional enough. It doesn't need to be perfect, but at least make sure it conveys you how you want to be seen. If you're unhappy or uncomfortable with it, for any reason, do it over. The beauty of technology is that you don't have to be stuck with a version you don't like.

Even though I don't really like watching videos, or making them, I try to keep these tips in mind whenever I am about to record. I believe they help me make videos people are more likely to watch.

Dr. Rachna Jain is a small business marketing consultant who specializes in attracting clients from the internet. Liked these tips and want more? Get your copy of her report: The 7 Best Ways to Attract Clients from the Internet at http://ProfitablePopularity.com/onlinesuccess

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