Using Facebook For Business: Networking as a Marketing Tool

Because the social networking giant receives such an absurd amount of internet traffic, using Facebook for business is a must. Even if you've never incorporated social media into your marketing or business efforts, you are probably familiar with Facebook itself. Although Facebook is predominantly considered to be a social tool, using the platform properly can do wonders for your business. If you read this article in its entirety, I will explain exactly why using Facebook for business can be so beneficial.

Busy, Busy, Busy

In order to understand why Facebook can be such a powerful marketing tool, we have to consider how broad the website's audience is. A few months ago, the head honchos at Facebook announced that they were now receiving over 1 billion monthly visitors to their domain. That is obviously an astonishingly high number. This statistic alone makes Facebook one of the mot advantageous marketing platforms online; that is, of course, if you utilize the social network appropriately.

There are both free and paid ways to promote a business on Facebook. The most popular paid method is pay-per-click advertisements. These are the ads that are ran on your sidebar when you are on your personal Facebook account. As you may have noticed, these ads tend to be relevant to your interests. Facebook's new graph search capability can help you target your audience with impressive accuracy. As I mentioned before, using Facebook for business can be free as well. Creating a fan page and becoming involved with the online community can do wonders for your business's exposure.

Networking is Powerful

Unless you're living under a rock or consider yourself a rebel, you probably have a Facebook account. It seems that everyone these days has a presence on social media platforms. Among the website's billion plus monthly visitors are plenty of people who are interested in whatever it is you have to offer. By learning to target these people, you can share information, sales, and more with them. Most people check their Facebook page multiple times a day. Why not advertise to these people for free?

Create a Fanpage

If you plan on using Facebook for Business, it is definitely in your best interest to create a Facebook Fanpage. This is how you will build your following. As a general rule of thumb, the more fans the better. Anyone who follows your fan page will see any updates you post. This allows you stay in touch with your current clients base as well as expand it.

Offering coupons, deals, and promotions are great ways to increase your Facebook audience. You should also focus on providing informative and entertaining content. Facebook users are likely to hide or block you if your just slamming them with advertisements. Remember that a successful and long-lasting business thrives off of the exchange of value. If you consistently provide value when using Facebook for business, you are more likely to receive monetary value in exchange. If you're not using Facebook for business, you're hurting yourself!

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