Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

When the topic of prompting your website comes up, most people think of ways online to conduct the promotion, but there are also effective ways that you can promote your website offline as well. While online promotion is always good, it doesn't mean that you should neglect any offline efforts that may produce more visits to your website. When conducted together the results can be spectacular.

Promoting your website offline takes some leg work and time on your part and may even cost you a bit of money, but the end result will be more people getting to see your website and hopefully more sales as a result. Here are some effective ways to promote your website offline:

*Business Cards: With any business you need business cards. Along with all the normal information that goes on your business cards, so too should your website address. This is an easy way to spread the word about your website to ever person who takes one of your business cards.

*Flyers: Yes, good old flyers. A nice little advertisement for your website with the website address lightly sprinkled throughout the ad can go a long way when being placed under hundreds of windshield wipers.

*Business Clubs: Joining business clubs such as your local Chamber of Commerce is another great way to spread the word about your website. Nothing beats pressing palms and interacting with the other business owners in your area. This is a great place for those business cards that feature your website address.

*Your Vehicle: For a relatively small investment you can get some type of signage on your vehicle that advertised your website address. You can go with magnetic signs for the doors, vinyl lettering for the back windshield, or go for broke by paying to have your vehicle to be wrapped.

*Your Clothes: Again, this represents a small investment, but you can always pay to have some nice shirts or hats made that feature your business name and the address of your website. Then by simply wearing your clothing out and about you are effectively advertising your website to anyone who happens to glance at you.

*Trinkets: Pens, coffee mugs, and letter openers are just a sampling of the many little trinkets that you can pay to have your website address put on. Once you have these promotional trinkets you then need to hand them out to everyone you meet.

While some of these ideas may seem a bit hokey to you, the bottom line is that you should never pass up an opportunity to promote your website. There are simply too many great ways that your website can be promoted offline and by not doing so you are simply costing yourself visitors.

Take the time to devise a website promotion plan for your website that includes both online and offline strategies and you too will be able to enjoy a great amount of website traffic. If however you decide to neglect your offline efforts then don't be surprised if you don't get the results that you want and deserve.

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