Engage Your Audience With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular and cost effective way to engage customers with your brand. But how easy is it to get started? Building up a list of subscribers from scratch can be difficult but there are a few techniques you can use to increase your list of subscribers.

Firstly, always allow your readers to opt-in to your newsletter, you don't want to be sending irrelevant information to people who are going to hit delete as soon as they see the subject line of your newsletter. The easiest way to lure in subscribers is to offer something worthwhile, something that will benefit the subscriber - it could be a 10% discount voucher or a freebie. Another way to attract potential subscribers is through the medium of social media, like it or not; social media is a very powerful tool when used properly. Twitter is a brilliant way to promote your newsletter, for example, you could mention your newsletter in a tweet with a link asking to 'sign up for more info'. This subtly encourages the reader to sign up without any spamming techniques, which are very common on Twitter. The key to tweeting about your newsletter is subtlety.

If you want subscribers to stay engaged, it's important your newsletters look well-designed and appealing - if you can't make your newsletter look pretty, hire someone who can, because the appearance of the newsletter plays a huge part in how much of it gets read. Similarly, if you don't write well, hire a copywriter to create some engaging text relevant to your readers. A professional and well-written newsletter is going to receive more subscribers than a bland newsletter with lots of spelling errors.

Sending your newsletter out at the right time plays an important factor in whether it gets read or not. When do you read your newsletters? On a Monday morning when you're in the office after a long weekend and you have lots of emails to attend to? Probably not. Think about your audience and when they'd be most likely to sit down and read your email.

It's important to write in a style that reflects your brand and appeals to the personality of your reader; gaining a rapport with your customer is the ultimate objective of your newsletter. Once you have a relationship with your reader and you are recognised, sales will pursue.

Once your newsletter has been sent, it's important to keep track of all actions relating to your message; you can do this with distribution software or from the help of online marketing experts who specialise in email marketing. From this software, you can find out how many people have opened your email, bounce rates and click through rates. And from the data provided you can reconstruct your newsletter to produce better results more relevant to your readers' needs. Starting an email marketing campaign is never easy, it will take time for your customers to become familiar with your brand and this is expected - you need to take the time to create a happy medium between selling your products and keeping your customers on board.

Dave Matthews is a freelance copywriter. He writes articles for a range of interests, causes and businesses - in this case, email marketing.

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