The Weirdest Ways of Promoting an Internet Marketing Seminar

The Internet is probably the first place you would normally look if you wanted to find an Internet Marketing seminar, but there's an awful lot of competition out there. How do you go about promoting your Internet Marketing seminar in a way that makes it stand out from the others in the crowd?

A Cake Round

If there is one thing you can guarantee in business, it is that nothing will make you appear more agreeable than freebies and cakes. So, why not make your Internet Marketing seminar the most popular kid in town by advertising it with a cake round? Simply collect the addresses of some of the businesses you think should be attending your seminar, address the cake by icing 'to the Marketing Manager' on the top, and drop it off at the building with a paper invite that includes all the details of the event. Even if you only get the recipient's attention for the amount of time it takes to eat a cake, it will undoubtedly be longer than it takes to delete an email from their inbox. And if you want their attention for longer? Be generous and bake them a bigger cake.

By Carrier Pigeon

We all remember the Dursley's distress in the first Harry Potter film, when they were invaded by hundreds of owls attempting to deliver letters. Now we're not suggesting that you promote your Internet Marketing seminar by bombarding your potential delegates with birds, but one might not hurt. After all, what could be a more innovative and inventive way of delivering an invitation, than by carrier pigeon? Simply create your invitation small enough to be attached to a pigeon's foot, send it winging on its way and wait to hear from people. Whether you get a sign up or not, you can be sure that your company's name will be remembered for a long time - and not just by the Marketing Manager, but probably by the security guard who had to remove the pigeon from the office as well!

A Barber Shop Quartet

They say that music can be incredibly influential, and it is certainly something that brightens up people's days. So, why not think about including a touch of song in the promotion of your Internet Marketing seminar? Whether you use a music video on YouTube, produce your very own MP3 to send to people, or perhaps even create your own mix tape of songs, music is a great way to get a message across and as such could be a great tool to use in the promotion of your Internet Marketing seminar. However, given the choice, we're fairly sure that of all the musical messages, a barbershop quartet is undeniably the most fun to receive. Just be sure that the singers leave behind a note with some more details, just in case the potential delegate didn't catch the words of the song along the way...

So, if you want to make sure the promotion of your Internet Marketing seminar doesn't become stagnant, use your imagination and come up with some weird and wonderful ways of distributing invitations.

Frank Orman is the Managing Director of LeadGenerators, a full-service Online Marketing agency specialising in Internet Marketing Seminars in London. LeadGenerators offers online marketing solutions to achieving first-rate sales conversions for your business.

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