Article Marketing Vs. Pay Per Click Advertising

Apparently it is believed that Pay Per Click is the fastest way to earn online but in fact it is not that fast a way to attract customers to your website. As compared to PPC, writing articles is undoubtedly the fastest medium to generate traffic towards your website. There are these following reasons that prove article writing pays back better than PPC.

Articles present on yours or other websites act like permanent links generate continuous traffic as long as they stay on that location. Which is quite opposite to Pay Per Click which stops generating traffic as soon as you stop paying. Through articles you are not bound to pay or continue but this is a permanent source just like a shop in a busy mall full of potential buyers.

If the online visitors find your writing informative and content good they will keep on coming back to you and go to the links provided by you in the articles you wrote. This is why it is important to put quality content on your website for the users to start building trust on you.

There are more possibilities with article writing job that give you chances to win more clients as well as sponsoring websites. The websites who publish your articles often place the good content on their websites. They advertise your articles by sending the links to your articles in the newsletter which brings more customers to your websites.

The users log on to your website and buy or purchase your products or services. It is also possible that users forward these newsletters to their other contacts and friends which enlarge the circle of your readers as well as customers. Upon seeing this other publishers and websites also put your content on their websites which eventually helps in generating more internet traffic and your promotion.

Now that you know the importance of content or article writing we will discuss about the Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO. Search engine optimization is valid method to bring your website to the top ranks at various search engines search result pages. The more traffic you get on your page and website the more you will be noticed by these search engines. The number of clicks you get per page increases your ranks at search engines. Let us suppose if your article is about cooking then publishers who publish cooking recipes etc will keep your articles on their website. The number of incoming visitors at these websites will automatically generate web traffic on your website. This will be rewarding for you to earn more money online.

As opposite to Pay Per click, article writing costs nothing if you are writing your own articles and publishing them. With proper advertising methods the number of visitors will increase. It also will promote your writing skills to online users they will become addicted to your style and become your targeted customers. It is useless paying Pay Per Click websites huge amounts of money when you can have free inbound traffic to your websites.

You can also get good quality content by hiring a freelancer to do this job for you as low as $5 dollars or more. There are many good websites like http://Elance com and http://Freelancer com who are helping service providers to earn online. You can get quality content within your budget and start earning huge profits at minimum cost per month.

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