Understanding 4 Important Free Promotion Tools

All online entrepreneurs who have recently started their new business or service would like to use free promotion strategies to promote their business website. Usually, new entrepreneurs start operation on a low budget. Hence, they rely on various types of free promotion tools that will generate traffic for their sites and thereby start earning money through their business. If you have a good product to sell online and if you are not effectively using online advertising, then in that case your business is going to suffer. You should not give any excuses by saying that you cannot afford to spend on advertising. This is because you can now use free promotion tools that are easily available online. The various types of free promotion tools are as follows:

1) Promoting by the SEO method: You can promote your website by using the search engine optimization concept. This can be done by optimizing your web based content and thereby making it search engine friendly. In order to effectively use the SEO strategy, you need to have H1 tags for your title and also use content that consist of target oriented keywords. This is how you can improve the page rank of your website and thereby generate lots of traffic to your website.

2) Writing articles: Article writing method is the most effective form of free promotion. In this case, you don't have to spend on advertising cost. However, you need to take time to write articles and submit them to free article directories like Ezine Articles. Ensure that you follow the article submission rules before you submit your articles to the concerned article directory. Below each article you should provide a link to your website. So, when people read your article and when they reach the bottom part of the article, they will get inclined to click the link that you have provided.

3) Obtain reciprocal links: You can promote your website for free by getting involved with reciprocal linking campaign. This method is not so popular among search engines. This is because many webmasters acquire reciprocal links by unethical means. Usually, search engines appreciate links from quality relevant sites. So, in order to effectively obtain the benefits of free promotion through reciprocal links, you need to identify relevant high page rank sites and convince the webmaster to reciprocate your link request. If you succeed in exchange links with a high page rank site, you will be assured of getting good amount of targeted traffic to your site.

4) Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites are popular for interacting with each other. However, these sites are now also being used as a free promotion tool. You can get registered with social networking sites such as My space, Face Book, Twitter and Squido. Remember to set up a profile and add unique relevant content along with your back links to your website. This is enough to generate free traffic to your website. In order to effectively use this free promotion tool, you need to act tactfully and refrain from spamming.

All the above online promotion strategies are equally important. However, the effectiveness of each free promotion tool will depend on how best you implement them for promoting your website.

Alex Wu operates a free promotional tool website that lets people advertise, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their job listings.

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