The Benefits of Using Twitter and Facebook to Reach New Customers
Before the social media boom happened, it was sufficient merely to have a presence on social media platforms. But now, to set your business apart in its marketing efforts and to successfully convert user to consumers, it is critical not only to...
By Amaya Dixit
Why Digital Marketing is Crucial For a Business's Success
The time has come where pretty much everything has shifted course from analogue to digital Every single day, people are seen consuming more and more digital data on their laptops, their mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets and more
By Amaya Dixit
Infographic: How to Use Instagram to WOW Your Audience
Using Instagram for business doesn't mean you have to stick up a bank and get loads of cash to pay for tastefully shot images. There are several ways you can use Instagram for business, make yourself visible and enhance your customers' experience.
By Amaya Dixit
Infographic: 5 Go-to Tips to Master Pinterest For Your Small Business
Don't be under the impression that online scrapbooking platform Pinterest is only for amateurs and DIYers. If you are a small business owner who is looking to connect with potential client or drive sales, you shouldn't ignore Pinterest as the...
By Amaya Dixit
An Insightful Study Reveals How to Get More Retweets on Twitter
Always wondering what to do to increase retweets on Twitter? While Twitter may limit your verbal diarrhea to 140 characters, there are other ways of shouting your message out to consumers to get them to sit up and take notice.
By Amaya Dixit
How to Build My Email List? 4 Ways to Grow Your List of Subscribers
If you've been doing internet marketing for some time, I'm sure you've already heard the phrase "money is in the list." And, in fact, this statement is very true. Today you shouldn't be asking yourself whether you should build your email list.
By Luke Glowacki
4 Effective Local Mobile Marketing Strategies
Local mobile marketing is a growing concept in the marketing world today. There is a fundamental change in the way people communicate and use the internet. People go out with items like car keys, house keys, wallet and mobile phones.
By Merv Stevens
5 Tips For Creating Better Videos
I'll admit it. I'm not really a video person... Yet a few simple tips would make your videos easier to watch for those of us who really don't like watching videos in the first place.
By Dr. Rachna Jain
4 Ways to Make More Money With Social Media Marketing
I'm sure you've heard plenty of stories about how people built million-dollar empires overnight using Facebook. But if you ask real business owners, the fact is, many of them haven't figured out the "Facebook thing" and how to use social media to...
By Susan Friesen
Early adoption of new marketing technologies yields higher dividends compared to competitors (Part 1)
When it comes to the adoption of new marketing strategies, it's true it's better to be late jumping on the bandwagon than never to get on. However, you'll see far fewer benefits than those who discover "the next big thing" in marketing ahead...
By Dwight Hansen
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