Start Writing Blog Content Today!

Today is a great day to start writing blog content. The past few days you've probably spend a lot of time getting to know your blog, the technical aspects and doing some training.

But now its time to write content, get indexed by Google. But before it takes off you will need a good chuck of content for it. So today is a good day to start writing, recording and brainstorming for future content.


A blog is nothing without content, I don't care how pretty your site is, your theme your images or how much work you've put into and getting the theme and plugins just right - no content means no blog.

So today I want you to write something, anything really. Its time to start generating content to fill the gaps on that blog and ensure for the flood of traffic you about to get.

Your To Do List:

Brainstorm a List of 10-20 Topics

Before you write anything, sit down and brainstorm a list of as many topics as you can think of. Even a small list of just 5-10 topics is good, but more is better. Why so many? because the more you can think of the the better chances you'll land on a select few that you really want t write about. It also helps you can create a longer list for later when you start creating your content calendar. Don't feel like you need to write about all of these. Some ideas will be born, others redundant and other still just not very good.

Write 1-2 Posts

Now is the time to start writing. Choose one or two of your favourites from the list you just generated and start writing them. Its been a few days and you need to get some content online, so even if you get nothing else done today, make sure you finish one good post that you can post to you blog.

Experiment with Audio and Video

Don't be afraid, even on day one, to experiment with audio and video for your blog posts. Video blogs are surprisingly fun to create and audio is a great was to start building towards a podcast or simply to brainstorm and star thinking of some good ideas for your site.

Edit and upload 1 Post with an Image

You need at least one blog post done today, but if you get more than one done, apply this step to all posts. Edit that post, then upload it to you blog with a least one image for every 500 words of text.

Try to keep your short to start with. Don't write anything extensive or very long yet as you want to ensure you get a feel for what you enjoy writing and what people like to read. Plus,those first few posts will get smaller readership, so save you big long posts for later when you more people to show them to.

Submit You First Blog Post to Facebook and twitter if You have them

If you have a Facebook, twitter , Google+ or other social media accounts, start posting your content there, you can automate this process with service like networkedblog or you can do it manually. Plugins for wordpress are available for Facebook, and Twitter as well to automate posting of certain kinds of content. So, if you want to speed up the process, you can install one of these.

So make a decision to start writing blog content today. The soon you add content, the faster you will get traffic to your blog and of course start making sales.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: LOU HARTY Lou Harty is a successful entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, and regular contributor to a number of online and offline investment publications and blogs. She is a successful speaker and renowned for her hands-on education techniques across a wide variety of investment, Internet and Business strategies. Lou attributes her passion, drive and discipline to her 20 Year career in the Australian Army training soldiers. My Business Blog you can see more about me here.

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