5 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Online Shopping Cart & Choosing Your Autoresponders

It is now easy to set up your own shop. Forget about the hassles of finding a prime position in busy business hub and huge investments related to it. Now you can virtually reach the whole world with your products or service from comfort of your home, if you can set up an online shop or get help doing so.

In short, to run your business it is sufficient to have a computer that has access to internet connection. If you are wondering what's next, read on to know the simple guidelines to set up an online shop.

* Identify the products or service that you wish to sell online. Do some research about your probable competitors. Make sure that your products or services are unique in some way. When you are planning to open retail shop verify about the wholesale distributor network that will support you.

* Find a catchy name of your online store. This name will serve as the website address of the online store and also the URL of your shop. It is crucial to look for reliable, secured and fast service from host vendor of your online shop. The host service should be able to support ecommerce solution. An annual fee is charged by host for hosting your online store.

* Design and develop a smart landing page of your website. This is also referred to as "Home" page of your site. It is prudent and convenient to seek help from qualified web designers. Give your visitors and prospective customers an overview of products and services in the landing page. Graphical interface must enable them to navigate to desired product or gallery easily. Pictures, prices, short descriptions are necessary to attract visitors. Do not forget to mention mode of payment accepted by you and delivery schedules that are followed.

* Shopping cart software is essential part of your online store. It helps your customers to shop products from your site. The software allows them to indicate amount, quantity, size, color and other such details of the product while shopping. It also gives the total cost of product or products by including costs like shipping and handling. Payment option for the purchase process is also provided by shopping cart.

* Fast, secured and reliable payment system supporting payments through credit and debit cards is necessary for your online store.

5 Things to Look For In Your Autoresponder Package

These days, no one can think of doing any online business without some basic tools like shopping cart and autoresponders. Autoresponders have become a great medium for increasing the scope of a business and thus have become a favorite in the ecommerce world.

With automation, one can rest assured that email to the company will be sent and other promotional campaigns will reach the targeted customers / shoppers in time. The whole set up, in fact, may look quite lucrative to you if you are planning for business growth, so make sure that the following features are there.

1) The mailing list is the most important thing for the autoresponders to work to their maximum capacity. So the autoresponder software must be able to handle a number of contacts and many such contact lists. Normally the paid versions allow infinite numbers of both.

2) Customer data is another essential item of your ecommerce venture. Often a detailed break up of customer data can give you better result in the long run. With it, you can design group specific campaigns like for a certain age group, or a certain locality, etc. Thus your autoresponder software must be able to collect all the data that you want it to gather. You should also be able to customize the required fields of data.

3) The autoresponder must be able to send customized messages to specific targets like an individual, a group or each and every person on the mailing list depending on the nature of customization. The software should also allow you to schedule mailing times and dates in advance so that messages are delivered just at the appropriate time.

4) Tracking email and following up properly is a very important task that your autoresponder should perform. Such actions help you to find out whether that particular campaign is really working or should it be replaced with something else. The actions include checking how many mails were actually opened.

5) Finally, autoresponders should be easy to use and the company providing them should offer service, upgrade offers, etc.

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