Tips to Make More Money Online With AdSense

There are so many ebooks on tips to make more make money online with AdSense. How do you know which one is best for you? The truth is that many of these people are just trying to reinvent the AdSense wheel. They promise you the newest and greatest methods only to leave you with an empty wallet. Instead of wasting your money away on these ebooks, I will provide you with free information on how to maximize your AdSense earnings.

1.) Never use banner image ads. They scream, "I am an advertisement so don't click me!" Some webmasters might think that images and flash would grab attention, but the truth is that most internet users have "ad blindness" when they know the advertisement is there so they will not look at it.

2.) Only use 336x280, 300x250, 160x600, 120x600 AdSense blocks. I have tested this for several months, and found that these have the highest conversion rate. I place either a 336x280 or 300x250 above the fold (top of the site when an internet user does not have to scroll down to see it), and a 160x600 or 120x600 on the sidebar depending on the size of your sidebar. After several tests, I noticed that the sidebar on the right converts better than when the sidebar was on the left.

3.) Most people would tell you to go with the standard blue (#0000FF) or navy blue (#000080) for the AdSense title. I have tried that as well, but I saw a higher conversion after switching to standard red (#FF0000). The description should be a grayish color (#CCCCCC is what I use) and the URL can be (#b3b3b3), which is a very light grey.

4.) The navigational links on the site does not have to match the title links on AdSense. I use a grey color for navigational links. Your 336x280 or 300x250 ad block at the top would be the first thing that people see when the title is in red color. If your navigational links are red too, then that will distract the viewer away from your ads. The text on your site SHOULD match the text on the description of the ads.

5.) If you place your navigational links below the fold, then there are higher chances to boost your conversion rate. You have to keep in mind that the typical internet user has a short attention span. Some of these people won't even scroll down on your site. They will either click something on top of your site or hit the back button. Some webmasters argue that this is bad for user experience, but if you are here to maximize your AdSense earnings, then user experience shouldn't be your first priority.

6.) You need to use competitive ad filter on AdSense. If you have a site on selling refrigerators, then you don't want refrigerator repair ads on your site. People who are coming to your site because they want to look for that product. They are not looking for how-to guides or who can repair it for them.

This is how you maximize your earnings on AdSense to make more money online. Your site might look "uglier", but "uglier" sites tend to convert better in terms of AdSense.

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