Build Your Own Custom Search Engine and Make Money

Making money by building our own custom search engine is not as easy as it sounds. This is mainly because of the presence of bigwigs like Google and Yahoo. These people have already established themselves in the market and have created a niche for themselves. Entering the market and taking over their loyal customers is almost impossible.

These search engines are basically used to get access to those sites on the internet which people do not know the exact web addresses of. To provide such services, lots of complexities are required and very technically sound people are required to provide such services over a longer period of time. Therefore making money is not that very easy with custom search engines and it will become even more difficult if only a single person is involved in the business.

There are some tools that one can make use of to make such custom search engines and also make money as a result. These are customized and can be made to suit your requirements. Topicle is one such service which can be made use of for building one's own custom search engines and make money with it. To start with Topicle is not that very difficult and it requires only a click on the 'create engine' option which is available on its website. After the click, you would require a unique name for your search engine and also required to add some favourite sites to it. These sites in the initial stages of the creation of the website can be less in number and more sites could be added in the future as and when you find them.

Eurekster Swicki is another tool that can be made use of to create your own custom search engines and help you make money. This tool has been in the market for quite some time now and it has lots of options to offer when compared to the other services on the internet. You also have the option to choose multimedia content and also customize the look of your website, thereby making it more unique and swanky. Such customized looks can make you stand out from the crowd.

Rollyo is another great option to make money by creating own custom search engines. Rollyo has the ability to go through or scan any website in the internet world and it is very likely that when you use Rollyo service, you are more than likely to get access to sites which are more relevant and correct.

Live search macros is a custom search engine tool provided by Microsoft, a company which is more reputed and trustworthy when compared to others as far as service and quality is concerned. There is a wizard that you will have to make use of for the creation of the search engine and the entire process will take only a few minutes. There is one prerequisite though. It needs MSN Hotmail, messenger, or a passport account to complete the process.

Making use of these services is just not enough and there are lots of other things that one should be doing on a consistent basis to make money on a more regular basis.

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