10 Simple Tips to Understand eBay Slang or eBay Language

eBay Talk - 10 Simple Tips to Understand eBay Language, Slang or eBay Acronyms

In this article I will cover the language or slang terms used on eBay when dealing with eBay auctions. These are easy to understand eBay how to tips to help you cope in the eBay world.

5 Selling eBay Slang Tips

1. FVF - Final Value Fee

2. NPB - None Paying Buyer (fairly obvious)

3. TOS - Terms of Service

4. BIN - Buy it now (an option to set a price to buy it without bidding, you need 10 feedback, buying or selling, before you can do this)

5. Shill Bidding - Increasing price artificially Using a friends or fake account. (unacceptable and can get you banned)

1. FVF - Final Value Fee

Your seller account is charged a final value fee (FVF) When your item sells or ends with a winning bid, this is based on the item's final sale price and category.

Auction-style: The FVF is based on the final sale price.

Fixed price or Buy It Now: The FVF is based on the final sale price and category.

Reserve price auction-style listings: The FVF is based on the final sale price when the reserve price is met.

There's no FVF if the reserve isn't met.

Business & Industrial categories Auction-style or fixed price listings: The FVF is based on the final sale price and category.

2. NPB - Non Paying Buyer

This normally happens when someone is disputing a purchase or invariably trying to rip you off. This can be done by saying an item was never received or of poor quality, they can also try and use money transfer services for payment instead of PayPal. eBay has specifically strengthened their PayPal protection for sellers to prevent fraud

3. TOS - Terms of Service

Terms that are specified for the biding and sale to complete, make sure that you clearly state your sales procedure and buyer actions to be followed. State any return procedure and policy as part of the TOS with a requirement that if they go ahead with the payment they agree with TOS.

Having a clearly defined TOS means the buyers understand what you expect and what they get in return, you will get less rogue buyers that can cause problems .

4. BIN - Buy It Now

You can purchase the item right away at a set price without waiting for an auction to end

Below are auction types BIN is used for;

Auction-style listings with BIN option: You can choose to compete and bid in the auction or purchase the item by using Buy It Now. For some listings the Buy It Now option is only available until the first bid is placed. The Buy It Now price is at least 10% higher than the starting auction price. For eBay Motors it wont apply to vehicle listings just to Parts & Accessories.

Reserve price auctions with a Buy It Now option: The Buy It Now option is only shown until the reserve price is met. Act quickly as this means that when you see that an item has both a Buy It Now price and one or more bids.

Buy It Now price only: Purchase the item right away at the Buy It Now price no bidding involved.

Variation Listings: Some listings have variations to choose from, such as T-shirts that come in various sizes or colors. Specify the variations and quantity you want before you click the Buy It Now button.

5. Shill Bidding

Increasing an item/s price artificially Using a friends or fake account, this will apply to employees trying to buy items as they have additional product info that other eBayers will not have. Any violations will end in account suspension and loss of Powerseller status or any other benefits plus loss of fees.

5 eBay slang tips dealing with item quality

1. VINT - Vintage

2. DOA - Dead on arrival

3. VHTF - Very hard to find

4. NWT - New with tag

5. MIB/NIB - Mint in box or New in box

1. VINT - Vintage

Any old or vintage item, this can be anything from an old sowing machine to a toy. Make sure you have an accurate description and pictures that show the actual condition of the item to ensure buyers are aware of the conditions and any flaws

2. DOA - Dead On Arrival

This indicates any item which is not working on delivery, normally something which has broken in transit and refers to electronic or mechanical equipment. This can also cover any fragile items. To ensure that you as the seller are cover take a picture of the items during packing before sealing the packaging and mail it to the seller. If there is any problem you can take it up with the delivery company.

3. VHTF - Very Hard to Find

Any rare item of limited quantity, this is especially the case for items with limited manufacturing runs that are collectibles. This works well if you are selling in a specific niche to a targeting group of buyers.

4. NWT - New with Tag

Any new item still with the manufacturers tag attached.

5. NIB/MIB - New/Mint in Box

Again this is any boxed item which has not been used or opened. This can be from new gifted items or purchased items which are collectibles and which are being auctioned off.

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