How to Remove Rust on Your Power Tools

If you own a set of power tools at home, it is likely that you've encountered a rather annoying problem called rust. Rust quickly and easily forms on tools that are kept in damp areas. Usually, rust forms on tools that are stored in the basement or garage when not in use.

It is important that you remove rust once you see signs of it on your tools. Unfortunately, rust can spread and even damage a tool's mechanisms. With too much rust on it, a tool may not be able to function properly. Here are some ways to remove rust on your power tools:

1. Use a scrubber.

If the rust stain is faint or if rust is only found on a tool's surface, then use a scrubbing pad similar to what you use in the kitchen. Apply a generous amount of mineral oil on the rust stain. In this case, mineral oil serves as a lubricant in order to make it easier to get rid of the rust stain.

2. Use abrasive products.

Abrasive products are great for rust stains that are tough to remove. An example of something you can use is sandpaper. Rub the rough side of the sandpaper back and forth on the stain. Scrub until the rust is completely removed.

You can also try using a stiff wire brush. After scrubbing the tool with the wire brush, wipe off any residue with a dry cloth. When you've removed as much rust as you can with the brush, sandpaper the tool's surface lightly.

3. Buy commercial products.

You'd be surprised at the number of rust removal products you could find at the hardware store. Many products claim to use a formula that can remove the toughest of rust stains. Try one or two products at a time to see if any of them work on your power tools.

Take note that many rust removal products are toxic. Be sure to follow the directions on the label carefully. Also, only apply the product on the stain and not on the entire power tool.

4. Apply navel jelly on your power tools.

Make a trip to the hardware store and buy a bottle of navel jelly. Navel jelly contains phosphoric acid. This can turn rust into something water soluble, making it much easier to remove.

Apply navel jelly onto your tools with a brush, then wait about ten minutes. Wipe off the jelly with a damp cloth.

5. Try homemade remedies for rust removal.

If you're open to experimentation, you might want to consider using homemade remedies for rust stains. There are many home remedies for rust that can be found on the Internet. These include formulas that make use of vinegar, lemons, limes or even salt. Another formula uses tea to remove rust.

These remedies are easy to create and have been tried and tested by many homeowners. Of course, it may be best to just use these remedies for smaller rust stains.

It is common to find rust forming on your tools. Visit our website ( to find easy tips on how to remove rust from your power tool.

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