Window Security Bars - Tough on Thieves

We have to protect the people we care much about whether we live in a place where crime incidence is high or in a place that is a little far off the noisy neighborhood. In both cases (and everything between), it will be wise to provide extra security to your home as well as your family through the use of window security bars. You can never tell when the next predator will come and it is always wise to be extra cautious.

For cars, most thieves break in and steal valuables from car doors that are unlocked. With the advent of car alarm systems, the incidence of car theft has decreased significantly. When a prospecting burglar checks out a car and sees that it is armed with an alarm system, he will most likely leave and just look for another car to steal. Similarly, burglaries that happen in homes are often accessed through unlocked doors and windows. Installing an alarm system may be very expensive and very often, an alarm is only activated when the thief is already finished with his job. A very persistent thief will do his job if he has set his mind to it. He will break in, destroy, and steal. Expect these predators to stop at nothing.

As a security suggestion, you can install window security bars to your home. These are grids or bars that are attached over home windows that act as a physical barrier against opportunistic thieves. Window security bars are often installed at home windows that are considered "high risk", particularly the basement and the ground level windows. Installation is done on either the inside or the outside a home window. However, mounting it on the inside is a wiser choice as burglars can attempt to remove the security bars if they are on the outside. These grids are made of very strong steel material. Its construction is very sturdy and prevents even the wisest of burglars.

Window security bars are physical deterrents to would-be burglars. Just like seeing an alarm system in a car, they will simply find another place to loot from, knowing that there are physical barriers to do their job smoothly. Remember, these thieves need the least attention they can get. Before they can truly break through those window security bars, significant noise may already attract significant attention.

One question that may disturb a prospective buyer of window security bars is this: Will the bars lock us in the house in case of a fire or emergency? The answer is No. Today's window security bars come with a release mechanism that is key less to operate which quickly allows people inside to get out through the security bars in case of an emergency or fire. Your responsibility is to educate every member in the household how to use these release latches in case those unfortunate events happen. You must ensure that the release mechanism (together with the latch) must be sturdy enough to keep the burglar out and easy enough to remove when the proper moment calls for it.

Installing window security bars in your home is like having a 24-hour watch dog in your home. It is a good investment for your home and family.

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