Ensuring the Security of a French Door

French doors are light with transparent panels of full length and give an elegant look to the house but the security for French doors is a big issue. French doors allow natural light into the home due to which these doors are preferred in balconies or for dividing rooms. These doors come with such weak locks that intruders can break into the house very easily. If you like the look of French doors then you need to take security measures and install a firm lock system.

Ways of ensuring Security for French doors:

French doors contain deadbolt locks that are frail and imperfect so you need to replace them with locks that are inviolable and are not shorter than 1 inch. A deadbolt should be made of steel to ensure the security for French door. If you want to install only a single deadbolt then you should place the deadbolt at least 6 inches from the glass panel and if you do not place it at least 6 inches from the glass panel then you have to buy two deadbolts.

After deciding whether you want to use a single or a double deadbolt, purchase it and install the new deadbolt. You can use the existing hole in the door to install the new deadbolt or maybe, according to your new deadbolt, for the new lock you might have to enlarge the hole. Now for checking the security for the French door you need to test the lock if or not it is functioning appropriately. Do not leave the keys in the lock as it may pose a threat of theft. Place the keys near the lock for easy access and make sure all the family members are aware of the place where the keys are kept.

Another way for security of French door is to replace the glass of the door. French doors come with glasses that are very ordinary. You can replace these ordinary glasses with laminated glasses or if you do not want natural light to come in and you only like the look of French doors you can also use opaque or obscure glasses. These glasses do not let light to come in nor can anyone see through it but they maybe expensive though.

Make sure that the glass should be installed from inside of the house and not outside or else it will serve as an easy access for the burglars. You can also use a plastic film or some decorative grates on the glass door if you do not want to replace the whole glass. Security for French doors is a challenge as these doors are very vulnerable as compared to other doors. They are an easy target for intruders and pose a security threat to the homeowners. To reduce the risk of burglary you need to take security measures. If you think you cannot protect your house from the risk of theft then you must replace your French doors by other doors.

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