Gated Communities and Home Security

While the idea behind living in a gated community is that it is safe from the outside world, part of the danger of living there is that families let their guard down. Gated communities are not always as safe as their residents assume. Here are five things that you must know about security when living in a gated community:

1) Living there makes you a target. Criminals know which homes are the expensive ones, and they tend to be the ones in gated communities. This fact lets the outside world know that you probably have valuable possessions. In the mind of a criminal, breaking into your home will result in a bigger payday. While gated homes may be more difficult to get into, they also promise a bigger reward for these burglars.

2) The gatekeeper might be letting everyone in. While you may assume that only residents are allowed inside the gate, there are other people who may be coming or going every day, such as delivery people, repair workers, housekeepers, and babysitters. There may even be disinterested security guards who do not check the qualifications before letting absolutely anyone through the gates. If this is the case, what good are the gates doing? Check to see how stringent your community's security policies really are. What is required when an unexpected visitor drops by?

3) It may not be necessary to go through the gates to get access to the community. If you look hard enough, there will be other entrance points. A skillful prowler could get in through these holes, even if they are too small to allow a car to pass. Do not assume that because your community has gates and attentive security guards, there is no other way to get inside.

4) Problematic family members can be a part of any family. While you may assume that everyone living in the community wants a safe environment just as much as you do, even in the best families there may be those who would take advantage of the situation. Teenagers driven to commit petty crimes or the uncle who comes to stay for a week may pose a threat to your home security, and the unfortunate reality is that there's no way to stop them at the gates.

5) Families living there let their guard down. Many people living in gated communities assume that the gates and the hired security guards will take care of any potential threat. As a result, they forget to lock their doors and windows every time they leave the house or alarm their home security system. While gates can improve home security by providing an additional layer of protection, they do not negate the need for taking other steps to protect your family.

Many people feeling that living inside a gated community brings added protection and security. While it certainly can provide an additional layer of security, this doesn't always mean that these places are safer than the average neighborhood. No matter where you live, you can't let your guard down or become complacent when it comes to home security.

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