5 Ways to Handle Unwanted Solicitations

There are many kinds of solicitors who specialise in different fields. Unfortunately, many homeowners have to deal with unwanted solicitors. These are the people who suddenly appear at your doorstep. There are those who call you at work during the day. Sometimes, solicitors even call late in the evening.

How can you prevent solicitors from visiting your home? How do you ask them to stop calling you up in the middle of the night? Here are some ways you can handle unwanted solicitors:

1. Research on Laws and Regulations of Your Local Area

Many cities and counties require solicitors to carry a permit when going door-to-door. If a solicitor shows up at your doorstep unannounced, demand that he or she present you with the necessary permits.

In some areas, ordinances state that solicitors are forbidden from approaching homes with a "No Soliciting" sign.

2. Place a "No Soliciting" Sign on Your Front Door

Not all solicitors feel discouraged by "No Soliciting" signs. They learn to ignore these signs and continue to knock on your door anyway. Sometimes, however, these signs actually do prevent them from approaching your doorstep. Make your own sign with a marker and a piece of cardboard. You can also choose to buy a sign.

Although your sign will probably not deter every single solicitor, it is still worth a try.

3. Report any Violators of the Law

If you come across solicitors who are breaking the law, then you should report them right away. Tell your local police department about a solicitor who cannot produce a permit that is legally required.

4. Speak with Your Neighbours about Solicitors

If unwanted solicitors frequent your local area, speak with your neighbours about the problem. Bring up the issue at your next local assembly. You can also try writing your neighbours a letter.

Sometimes, there are local laws and ordinances regarding solicitors. If there are such laws, make sure that everyone is aware of them. Give suggestions as to what can be done to rid your area of unwanted salesmen.

As much as possible, get the entire neighbourhood to refuse or ignore all pitches of door-to-door salesmen. If most of the residents of a particular area refuse to entertain them, then they are likely to come back.

5. Be Firm and Polite

Learn to properly refuse any presentations or sales pitches from solicitors who are conducting business lawfully. There is no need to be mean or rude. Remember that they are just doing their job. Firmly but politely tell them that you are not interested, then ask them to please never contact you again. Close and lock your door.

The same goes for solicitors who contact you by phone. Be firm and tell them that you are not interested in hearing the presentation. Ask them to take you out of their database and to never call you again. As much as possible, get your message across before the spiel begins so that their time and yours are not wasted.

Sometimes, solicitors can be a pain to deal with. Find out how to deal with unwanted solicitors in your neighbourhood -

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