The Five Home Security Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes
Most homeowners make at least a few mistakes when it comes to home security; in fact, it's nearly impossible to live your life without opening yourself up to some common home security risks. It might surprise you how much your everyday actions are...
By Richard Armen
Tips For Reducing False Burglar Alarms
Security alarms on homes and business are one of the most effective crime fighting tools available. However, a system that is constantly sending false alarms is a problem, not only for the homeowner but also for law enforcement.
By Richard Armen
Your Home Security
Your home is very personal to you. You want to be in control of whatever happens there. You want to ensure that it is a safe and risk-free environment where you can relax and unwind after engaging in other sometimes stressful activities like work...
By David Patullo
Digital Home Security
Security systems have undergone a dramatic evolution over the past decade, with the rapid growth and advancement in technology and digital home security. Modern technology enables home owners to install and maintain advanced digital home security...
By David Patullo
Common Reasons Why You May Need to Change Locks
Like all man-made things, locks do succumb to wear and tear, become inefficient and can cause problems for its users. However, some people do tend to just keep using their locks until they break, rather than changing them at a certain time.
By Jaxon Bender
Hide-a-Keys and Surprising House Key Security Tips
Are you worried about getting locked out of your home, but wary of keeping a key outside for fear that a burglar might find it? This fear is probably well-placed; nearly all burglars will automatically look under doormats and flower pots to find...
By Richard Armen
Security Locks For French Doors
The French door is just a double door. So the question facing the French door home owner is how fancy a security fix is wanted or needed. The important issue here is to make sure the door frame is strong enough to sustain the pressure of someone...
By David Patullo
Security Windows - Protection From Burglary
Our homes will warmly welcome guests but burglars? Of course not! We would do as much to avoid them considering the gravity of distress burglars could bring to our home not just in terms of lost stolen articles but also emotional disturbance after...
By David Patullo
Window Security Bars - Tough on Thieves
We have to protect the people we care much about whether we live in a place where crime incidence is high or in a place that is a little far off the noisy neighborhood. In both cases (and everything between), it will be wise to provide extra...
By David Patullo
Ensuring the Security of a French Door
French doors are light with transparent panels of full length and give an elegant look to the house but the security for French doors is a big issue French doors allow natural light into the home due to which these doors are preferred in...
By David Patullo
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