Water Pressure and Your Plumbing System

People tend not to think about their plumbing system unless there is a problem. And many people ignore reduced water pressure in their home but this can be a potential problem which you should take time to look into. If you find that the water is coming out of your faucet or shower head at a lower pressure than it did before there could be a problem along the line.

Some people have always had low pressure in their home and this could be a result of the original pipes were half inch pipes rather than one inch diameter pipe. The difference of one half inch could mean the difference of twenty to thirty pounds of water pressure per square inch.

If you are building a home make sure to install the larger sized pipe. It will cost you more money but the expense is worth having the higher water pressure. Water coming to your home from the primary water main has to travel along the pipe and has to go through many twists and turns and by the time it reaches your faucet the pressure has diminished. The larger the pipe the less the pressure diminishes.

You can look for other causes of reduced water pressure. You can check all shut off valves in the water line and on the water meter. These shut off valves are actually supposed to be open all the way.

If you find a shut off valve on your meter that is closed you should not try to open it if the meter is sealed. This is a tamper prevention device your water supplier needs to come out and service.

If this is not the problem then check the indoor main water shut off valves. These too have to be in the fully open position. The ones located on your water meter must be serviced by your water provider or a professional plumber. The are to work on the meter is a tight area and special tools and techniques are required to do the job properly. If you have any doubt call the professionals.

If all valves are open and you still experience low water pressure you might have damage in your pipes. If you live for instance in an earthquake prone area a large earthquake might have caused pipe damage. You will need to have your pipes inspected for damage or leaks.

A leak certainly will cause water pressure reduction and you might also notice your water bill has increased lately even though you are not using more water than usual in your home.

If there is a water pressure issue make sure not to ignore it. A lot of people simply do nothing and then they have complete blockage or worse they have a flood in their home. Reduced water pressure is not an emergency but it could be the sign of a larger problem. Call a professional plumber if you think there might be a problem with your system after you have done your own inspection.

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