Causes of Sewer Clogging and Break Down, And New Sewer Repair Techniques

Sewer lines though built to be long lasting and sturdy, can also face several kinds of problems that may eventually require sewer repair.

Some of the common sewer problems include waste collection and sediment deposits, which in extreme cases lead to clogging. Trees and plants also at times, can cause sewer clogging. The roots of trees and plants seep in the sewer pipes in search of water and they soon spread throughout the pipes blocking them.

Even though sewer pipes are built of materials that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation, when they come in contact with harmful chemicals repeatedly and are exposed to extreme changes in temperature, their inner surfaces deteriorate slowly. This may eventually cause leakages or cracks. A need for sewer repair might also arise due to ground shifting or earthquakes.

These and other similar problems give rise to the need for sewer line repair, and in some cases the sewer lines have to replaced completely to rectify the issue. Repairs and replacement are undertaken by plumbing contractors who make use of specialized equipments.

Earlier sewer line replacement required huge efforts of digging up the whole yard, but with the advancement in technology, sewer lines can today be replaced without digging large troughs in the ground. Such replacements are called trenchless sewer line replacements and sewer problems can be fixed by this technique without undertaking unnecessary hassle and expenditure on digging the ground. Besides trenchless sewer repair techniques, core lining techniques are also gaining popularity. These new and latest methods have revolutionized the underground sewer maintenance, replacement and installation without requiring major evacuations and digging.

The environmental friendly trenchless sewer repair method involves minor evacuations on the ground surface to access the damaged pipe. The hydraulic pipe ram is used to break the old damaged pipe and the new pipe is fed in by a machine that replaces the old pipe. This method is both cost and time saving as the sewer pipes can be removed easily and reinstalled without the need for costly and heavy equipment. Core lining method prevents the sewerage water from seeping in the soil and also keeps away the roots of the trees from penetrating the sewer pipes.

Practice of simple maintenance techniques on part of all households can also contribute to preventing sewer problems that require major sewer repair efforts. Since each house's sewer connects to the main sewer, every household should be careful about the waste that they are disposing through their sewer line. Kitchen solids such as vegetable peels, watermelon rinds, cooking oil, grease, eggshells and chicken bones should not be thrown in the kitchen drains. Paper products, such as paper towels, disposable towels, diapers, napkins, and tampons should also not be flushed in toilets as they can clog septic tanks. It is also important to prevent the roots of the garden trees from penetrating and blocking the home sewer lines. All these basic household practices can go a long way in ensuring that yours and the main sever line remains problem free and functional for years to come.

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