Sink Repair and Maintenance Tips

Sinks are an integral part of every household and it is very important to keep them clean and in good working condition. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensures that you don't have to face the inconvenience of sink repair, which can be quite irksome sometimes. Some useful sink maintenance and repair tips discussed here can be of great help in taking proper care of these critical elements of your house.

It is a good practice to have stoppers for all sinks so that the debris such as hair, toothpaste, grease, food particles etc do not pass into the pipes, where they can cause clogging. Irrespective of the type of stoppers used, regular clean ups of sinks are still required.

Problems with sinks range from minor drainage issues to leakages. Leakage is the most annoying of all problems in bathrooms and kitchens. Turning off the main valve will stop the water leakage immediately, but to stop it permanently, replacing the rubber ring around the faucet of sinks is often a workable solution.

Cleanliness of sinks can be maintained and clogging can be prevented by putting to application some quick and easy home remedies. A simple remedy for semi-clogged sinks is running hot water through it for a few minutes. Pouring white vinegar or a handful of baking soda every week can also prevent clogs by breaking down the debris and washing them away.

In case of fully clogged drains, you may have to use acid-based drain cleaners. You should generally avoid chemical cleaners, but if the simple remedies fail to disintegrate the debris, then using them remains your only option. Chemicals even though work well but they contain poisonous fumes, which can be harmful to your lungs and mouth tissues. If they come in contact with the skin, then they can also cause skin allergies and infections.

If drain cleaners and hot water do not do the job fully, a plunger can be used. A plunger is a device used to create pressure in the pipes, which pushes the clogs and blockages in the downward direction. For best results, you should move the plunger in and out forcibly and continuously without halting.

In addition to above remedies, regular cleaning of the drain trap is an important activity to remove the particle deposits, hair and other things restricting the smooth flow of water. A bucket can be kept beneath the trap and water should be allowed to run down to wash off the drain. Incase any clogs remain, a cable can be inserted to pass through the clog and pulling it back and forth can clear the obstruction.

If nothing works and your sink leakage or clog is still a troublesome issue, then a plumber should be summoned to fix the problem. Though it may turn out to be expensive, the plumber would be able to figure out the root cause of the problem and fix it for you.

Since prevention is better than cure, that is sink repair, you should try to keep your sinks clean and dumping of wastes and solid material in them should be avoided under all circumstances.

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