Potting Benches - Beautiful and Practical

Do you love spending time outdoors in your garden creating beautiful floral arrangements that can be enjoyed by all? Do you spend more time gathering up your supplies than you actually do planting flowers? If so, you should consider enhancing your garden with a potting bench.

Potting benches do more than just add another gorgeous piece of furniture to your outdoor space; they are also very practical and can be extremely convenient when creating floral masterpieces in the garden.

Just imagine walking into your garden and having your entire supply of favorite gardening tools at your fingertips and a convenient workspace on which to work. Would not gardening be that much more enjoyable if you only had to walk into your space and begin creating?

And there are so many different styles of potting benches that you are sure to find the perfect bench to complement your garden, personality and unique sense of style. You can have your choice from potting benches in some of the more popular styles such as Rustic, American and Classic.

Take for instance the American Lattice potting bench. This bench is beautifully crafted using Western Red Cedar and stained with oil to bring out the exquisite natural beauty of this hard wood. This potting bench has identifiable features that include the intricate lattice back board which offers a convenient place for hanging all of your garden tools, a solid and sturdy work surface, and a drawer and bottom shelf for additional storage.

If you prefer something a little more rustic and in tune with its natural surroundings, perhaps the Rustic potting bench is just what you are looking for. Also crafted from Western Red Cedar, this rustic potting bench is an efficient and beautiful addition to any garden. Equipped with a removable tilting soil box, this potting bench takes convenience to a whole new level.

Would you prefer a bench with a comfortable seat? If so, maybe the Potting Bench Stand would be more to your liking. This classically styled bench is constructed using Southern Yellow Pine and features a comfortable bench. Available in 28 painted finishes, the Potting Bench Stand can also be customized to match your unique space. You can choose from eye-catching colors such as lime, tangerine and canary or more classic colors such as white, mint green and sunny yellow. There are also four different finishes available including natural, pristine, washed and distressed.

And it does not cost a lot to make your garden exceptional by adding a potting bench. Most benches cost well under $500 and are made from materials that can withstand the elements for decades. When you consider the convenience, beauty and durability associated with potting benches, you may very well agree that they are worth every penny invested.

So if you want to customize your garden while at the same time provide a practical solution to gardening workspace and storage issues, you should give potting benches a second look. You might find the perfect bench that you cannot believe you have been living without.

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