Grow A Veggie Garden With Ease

These days, everyone is all about eating organic and natural. Organic food, however, can cost a small fortune, and this even includes produce. It's much more cost-efficient to grow your own vegetables. Plus, being able to eat something you actually helped to create can be a very rewarding experience, as well as one that helps you to feel connected to the earth. Even if you don't have a green thumb, know that some vegetables are just naturally easy to grow. If you get started with these simple veggies, you'll soon be feeling confident enough to try the more difficult ones.

Let's start with one of the most simple and versatile of all the veggies--lettuce! You can use lettuce in salad, on sandwiches and wraps, and as a lovely garnish to any meal. Best of all, it doesn't take a genius to grow full, lush heads. For best results, sow your seeds in rows every two weeks or so. As long as you've got plenty of sun and frequent watering, you should have no problem and can expect those delightful green heads to start popping up quickly! Don't just stick to iceberg lettuce either; all different types are tasty, healthy, and easy!

Carrots are a root vegetable, and root vegetables are notoriously difficult to grow. This gives carrots an unfairly bad rep and often causes people to steer clear of growing them in their gardens. However, these people are unfortunately missing out a veggie that is tasty and surprisingly simple to cultivate, providing you give it the proper care. Be sure to plant your carrots in a place where there are no rocks or turbulent soil. As soon as you see the bushy green tops at the soil line, you can pick and enjoy these yummy veggies!

Cucumbers are great for growing too--it's just that most people plant them at the wrong time. You should only plant cucumbers when you know there is no chance of cold nights or frost. If they get too chilly, your crop will likely be ruined, making these ideal for summer planting. You'll also need to make sure that each cucumber plant has lots of space, since they are prone to sprawling. You can enjoy your cucumbers fresh out of the earth or, if you're a pickle person with a bit of patience, you can create delicious homemade pickles.

While tomatoes are considered a fruit, we still think they deserve inclusion on our list, mainly because they're so yummy and wonderfully easy to sprout. You'll have the easiest time of it if you get a starter plant, which are widely available at any garden or home improvement store, but with a little extra care, it is possible to grow these babies from seeds. Tomatoes need little water and fairly well drained soil, but sun is the most important factor. Place them in an area of your yard that is exposed to full, direct sunlight for the best outcome.

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