A Look at the Types of Fish Used For Home Aquaponics

The future of growing food and an important tool in the battle against world hunger, aquaponics gardening is the ultimate form of recycling. It makes the most use of a small space, and is the most sustainable form of gardening currently available.

What is Aquaponic Gardening?

The art of growing fish and cultivating a garden, auqaponic gardening is simply the wave of the future. You will create a food growth system that makes the most of natural resources and rewards you richly for your efforts. The living elements include fish, worms, bacteria and plants that work together to provide you with an ongoing food source that can be utilized anywhere in the world.

A System of Tanks, Pipes and Beds

The most basic system encompasses three primary components, but systems can easily be expanded to include more. This circulatory system uses a flood tank, grow bed and a fish tank. The system sends water in a continuous path from one portion to the next.

Water in the flood tank is mixed with wasted from the fish tank. This tank, filled with nutrients from the fish waste, emptied into the grow bed. The plants accept the dirty water, take the nutrients from it and effectively clean the water.

When the water leaves the grow bed, it is clean and aerated. Returned to the fish tank, it helps the fish survive. As the fish creates waste and dirties the water, used water is siphoned from the bottom of the fish tank back up to the flood tank.

The Completely Organic Circle of Life

There are many benefits to aquaponic gardening, but one is that this method is completely organic. It makes the most of the beautiful circle of life as the fish and garden become dependent on each other. The fish provide nutrients required by the plants, and the plants clean the water the fish are living in.

With this gardening choice, there's no need to invest in expensive chemicals or use fertilizers that could harm your family. The fish stay healthy without adding chemicals to their tank, and your plants grow fast and large thanks to the regular infusion of natural fertilizer.

Endless Plant Variety

These gardens can support an incredible range of vegetables, herbs and even fruits. It all mainly depends on how much space you have to devote to it. Grow lettuce throughout the winter, enjoy cherry tomatoes on your salad and have a regular supply of peppers for your cooking. You can grow many things that would normally be grown outside in ground gardens, so you can customize the crops to meet the needs of your family.

The Best Fish for Aquaponic Garden Enthusiasts

Many gardeners choose to use simple goldfish for their gardens, but Koi are also a fine choice. The most popular option is tilapia. However, you can also select smallmouth bass, crappie, silver perch, jade perch, bluegill, Murray cod, barramundi and largemouth. However, there are many other species of fish that may work in your garden. The fish may ultimately become part of your dining selection, so it's wise to choose a species that you would enjoy having for dinner.

The Incredible Benefits of Smart Gardening

When you choose a ground garden, you have to water the garden regularly to keep everything growing. With the aquaponic design, your garden will regularly get the water and nutrients it needs without running the garden hose. You may still have to add water to the system, but it will be far less than you normally need to water a traditional garden. This clever use of water makes it a great system for areas that deal with regular droughts.

Auqaponic gardens also eliminate concerns about rodents and insects. Without contact with the ground, rodents find it more difficult to reach your delicious vegetables. Smaller in nature, the systems are easily fenced to keep deer away, and insects are controlled easily with mesh netting.

If you are interested in a gardening system that is self-sufficient, then consider the benefits of aquaponics gardening. Efficient and environmentally friendly, this concept could soon become the world's to hunger and drought. Set up a system today to enjoy your own fresh vegetables, delicious fruit and marvelous fish.

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