The History of the Tradition of Sending Flowers

The History of the Tradition of Sending Flowers dates back to the prehistoric period. Flower fossils have been discovered in cave burials and cave dwellings. Man's association with flowers appears to have been embedded in a lot of cultures since the dawn of time. In recent years, Archaeologists have uncovered the skeletal remains of a possible family buried together in soil containing pollen of flowers in a cave in Iraq. This is clear evidence that flowers have been used for traditional purposes.

Scientists and archaeologists have found a number of clues pointing the flowers being given as part of a tradition. This has especially been the case with burials. Analysis have been performed on pollen found deep within soil sediment in highly concentrated batches. This is further evidence of the tradition of providing flowers for certain occasions. Scientist have also found various fossilized flowers found within various dwellings. Many of them have medicinal properties, which have led scientist to believe that flowers were also given as a form of a get well present.

There is also evidence that flowers were given to express certain feelings or emotions. People have given and received flowers for many various reasons. They have been given to show love, to enhance an environment, to commemorate important rituals and for many other observances.

It is also clear in the artwork through out the centuries that flowers were an important part of various cultures. Many forms of art depict the use of flowers. It can be found in many paintings, pottering, prints, tapestries and many other works of art.

Scientists believe that the tradition and history of sending flowers extends across many centuries and civilizations. All kinds of flowers were given as gifts or used as part of special ceremonies. There use as gifts is shown to have spiked during the 17th century. Men would provide women with beautiful flowers to express their feelings for them.

Historians have found that during the Victorian era, flowers were considered the language of love. Certain flowers like roses became very popular to offer as gifts. Other flowers were used as adornment and worn in clothing. Ladies were also known to wear flowers in their hair during this period. This was particularly popular of European women.

Flowers have also been part of certain traditions ancient civilizations such as Egyptian, Roman and Greek. Meanings were given to different flowers and they were given to others for specific reasons dependent upon the meaning of that flower. They were also given to express emotions of love. According to Greek mythology, flowers were believed to represent the beauty and power of the Gods. In ancient China, flowers were believed to each possess their own spiritual value.

As we can see, the History of the tradition of sending flowers has been in existence for thousands of years. This custom was also evident during the the Middle Ages, where men gave flowers to women. Or in other cultures where brides were celebrated with flowers. Flowers are a beautiful way to express gratitude or feelings of love. Or to simple provide beauty to an area. Flowers, no matter the occasion, will always be appreciated.

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