Ideas For an Outdoor Bar for the Home

A large number of homeowners are out to extend their living spaces. The formal living and dining rooms are sometimes not apt for an informal occasion or for hanging out for no occasion at all. There is a trend to entertain at homes and the idea of having an "extra" outdoor area for this is very inviting.

The idea of building a deck for an outdoor bar is steadily gaining popularity. The deck need not a "bar" per se but rather a nook in one of the deck's corner. There is no need for you to pour money into the project as if you do not have a deck, nor a need to build one just to have an outdoor bar.

A great and inexpensive idea for a "deck-less" outdoor bar is to locate one at the patio. Choose a spot that is unobstructed. Make sure that the outdoor bar will not get in the way of the patio traffic. You can do these two ways: build a bar from scratch or buy one of those portable bars. If you have one of those wonderful propane grillers, then all you need to do is set up some cabinets near the spot, buy a simple bar table and some bar chairs and you have an instant bar. You can also opt to buy one of the many prefabricated bar styles out in the market. There would be no need for you to physically "go" to furniture shops for "bar (furniture) shopping" as you can choose from a larger range of selections from online stores.

Why not opt for a tiki bar? You can set up the prefabricated bar in your garden; stick in some tiki torches at corners and around the whole backyard and you have a piece of the tropics right at your backyard. Take note that most tiki bars have open shelving and being a portable bar, has no provision for plumbing. You should therefore locate any ready-built bar near a faucet in case you need running water for washing up glasses and plates. There should also be a provision for electrical outlets in case you need one for a mini-refrigerator and blender.

You can choose to build your own bar if you are up to it. Any self-respecting do-it-yourself enthusiast can build a simple bar. You can choose any material for your bar - bricks, tiles, wood or any stone. The important thing is the location as this bar is more permanent than a ready-built one. Design the bar according to your needs. If it's a simple bar that you want, then a straight no fuss bar would do. You can put up shelves and drawers under the counter. If it is a wet bar you want, integrate a bar sink in the two-level counter. If you are more into serving meals in your outdoor bar, then go for the whole nine yards and make provisions for a cooker, refrigerator, sink, and enough cabinets and drawers for storage. It is best to put a roof over the bar area for protection and convenience.

You can have a great outdoor pub bar right in your backyard. Check out how. Are you looking for great bar to hang out? Check out new bars in your area (

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