Strawberry Plants Require Proper Care

Strawberry plants are most favorite and preferred for both home gardens as well as for commercial arenas. For this reason, it is essential to know what it takes to grow a strawberry plant especially in its first summer so that you can get a delectable strawberry production for the summertimes to come. Strawberry plants as compared to other plants are quite simple to take care of, have fast yields delivering the delectable fruit for your family or for commercial purposes.

In advance of planting a strawberry plant it is fundamental to decide what sort of strawberries you are going to produce. For the most part agriculturists fall strawberries into three different sorts i.e. Day Neutral, Everbearing and June bearing strawberry plant. These three types of strawberries are not distinguishable by sight but you can enquire the nursery gardener from where you buy since different care applies to different strawberry plants.

It is indispensable to plant strawberries with particular attention: Day Neutral must be 8-12"distant while Everbearing and June Bearing strawberry plants must be 12-24" distant. It is also recommended to plant strawberries in a sunny place; which will guarantee you the best success. The correct or best site could be to have them close to your sight in order to always recall to take care of them.

If you want to yield a plentiful strawberry crop in the next years, the first season is really important. In the first season, Everbearing and June Bearing strawberries will need to cut blooming stems so that no berries can form ; concerning Day Neutral strawberries, in their first season trim until the end of July or until they are fully grown and then enjoy strawberries non stop till fall season.

In strawberry plants, it is appropriate to take out the weeds and doing this by hand is the best choice considering that hoeing can take out the strawberry stems.

Spacing the runners is also important. To keep the mother plant healthy and providing longer life, you will take out all runners of the Day Neutral strawberries. Instead Everbearing and June Bearing strawberry plants can have up to five strong runners. However, some gardeners just do not think that defining a limit for runners will eventually deal with the problem of low productivity and heal the diseases.

Watering is also important therefore, you will ensure to irrigate your strawberry plants in the morning so that you can keep off common leaf disease. Commonly a strawberry plant necessitates 1-1.5" water per week.

When it comes to strawberries it is also really important to renovate the strawberry bed after harvesting. This process implies supplying organic compost, cutting the plants and leaving just the strongest ones, let only two runners from each plant to remain so that you get optimal quality strawberries in the next season.

Even if gardening demands a lot of work, it is quite rewarding and lets you enjoy the flavorful strawberries produced by this strawberry plant of which you took a particular care from the very first day you planted it.

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