Best Time to Plant Strawberries

The pleasure one can feel when planting strawberries is great! But there are a few things you should be acquainted with before you rush out and begin doing things on your own. As a gardener, you have to learn what would be the best time to plant strawberries in order to have successful results from your endeavors. In case you want to make a step forward to container gardening, planting strawberries will certainly offer a joyful experience. Keep in mind that spring is regarded as the best time to plant strawberries.

Supposing you want to harvest fruits in the summer season then, and based on what experts say, the best time to plant strawberries would be in the early days of September. By doing this, you will certainly have pleasant results but supposing that does not seem like manageable with you, then you can opt for April. Personally, I planted my first strawberry plant in April and got my first harvest in June. However, the first runners only appeared in August; which means that I couldn't harvest any more strawberries this very first year.

What matters is that your strawberry beds should be kept in specific shelters and that it is preferable to protect them as much as you can from the extreme winters. Keeping your strawberries protection in mind, two things deserve a particular regard. Every strawberry plant has roots, a crown and leaves. Between the roots and the leaves, you will notice a tiny stem which is named crown. So, it is recommended to cover the roots and half portion of the crown with the soil.

Tip: in order to to protect your strawberry plants from pests and other specific problems related to natural gardening, cover the soil with straw.

It is fundamental to make a good estimate on the best time to plant strawberries because even if you desire to sell them, you will have to make certain about the season when people will buy. In fact, in order to appreciate fresh strawberries, it matters a lot how they are grown and when you planted them. From now, you should have got some idea that springtime is considered as a perfect time of year to plant strawberries. Do not just go with a different season as there is a definite time for all the plants to blossom. Remember to plant your strawberries in a sunny area.

Now, let us determine the best period to ripe them. Strawberries should be picked as soon as they fully develop. To maintain their freshness, try to keep them in a cool place. This is the best way to keep your strawberries fresh for a longer time.

Though depending on the sort, strawberries need different times of year for planting, but the ideal period is long before summertime sets in. Thus, have your garden ready beforehand and when the best time comes, plant your strawberries. No doubt that, if you stick to the correct method to take care of them, results will be 100% positive. Have a great time gardening this year and experience something different you have never done previous years!

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