Recessed Downlights and Well Positioned up Lights Can Enhance Your Garden Ambiance

There are very few features that will provide a dramatic difference to your home, than the use of landscape lighting. It's like the finishing touch to a cake when the candles are lit; it creates excitement and draws your attention. Unfortunately though, many homeowners barely get their yards nicely landscaped much less accented with proper outdoor lighting.

While striking when used properly, landscape lighting should not be overdone. To avoid too much of a good thing, be sensitive to your overall surroundings and especially your neighbors. Lighting should be used to create ambiance, draw attention to focal points, and provide for security. Showcase a few elements of your home and yard and ensure that safety is a key element in your design.

An obvious benefit of landscape lighting is to help people stay on a designated path and to provide a safer walkway especially if steps or level changes are involved. This is particularly important from a safety perspective and inclement weather may obscure your view. Rain or snow on a poorly lit pathway or step can become dangerous.

Landscape lighting is both fun and functional. Use of feature lighting guides your eye through the garden often creating a magically environment. While security lighting can alert you to potential danger or simply light the way on your pilgrimage to the trash can.

Directional lighting when used in or around your home and yard truly enhances your dcor and adds the finishing touches to your overall design. Dramatic effects can be created by placing a light at the base of a statue or plant and have the light point up into the feature. Reversely you can light from above and use a beam or spot to shine down unto your focal point for display.

Well executed landscape designs with often use a combination of up lights and spot lights as the garden lighting to accent plants, fountains, and trees. Up lights, down lights, and recessed lights are often the fixture of choice for use in patio decking, a gazebo or and pergola. Backyard structures such as stone and cement walls, and level changes can also be enhanced with the use of wall lights or sconces. Look for specially designed outdoor features to withstand weather changes.

Can light is a light which is enclosed in a cylinder, directing all of the light through one end of the cylinder to create a much focused, bright beam. There are a number of settings in which can lights can be used, and many hardware and home supply stores carry several can lighting options for people to choose from. These lights are ideal for task lighting, focused lighting, or situations in which it is desirable to reduce light pollution as much as possible.

Some can lights are designed to be installed as recessed lighting, in which case the canister is built into a ceiling or wall so that the light does not project into the room. Recessed downlights provide a very direct beam of light, and can be especially useful for rooms with low ceilings, kitchens, and workspaces where bright task lighting might be desired. Can lighting of this style may also be used to create atmospheric lighting, with the beams playing across a wall or ceiling.

These lights can also be suspended as overhead lights. This can be used to create a desired aesthetic effect, or in a structure where existing light fixtures are to be replaced with can lights. Rather than installing a recessed light, which can be costly and time-consuming, a suspended can light can be installed in just a few minutes. People may decorate the cans for extra visual interest, or use cans with punched-out patterns which create a lacy lighting effect.

Keep in mind that you don't want to overdue the lighting, as bright lights may wash out features. You also want to be mindful of your neighbors so ensure that your lights are positioned correctly for their comfort and safety also. Too much light can also lead to light pollution...obscuring the view of the stars or too much energy consumption.

With energy in mind, solar-power is an eco-friendly and popular choice for garden and yard lighting. Because there is no need for outdoor wiring, solar lighting can be a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to address you backyard needs. When considering use of solar-powered lights, check the brand for illumination time and strength.

Celebrate your home and garden today; spotlight appropriate features to create warmth, excitement, intrigue, and security for your family and neighbors.

Kathryn Dawson writes for Luma Lighting, a store selling garden lighting and also a leading supplier of recessed downlights.

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