Gas Patio Heaters Extend Your Outdoor Enjoyment Year Round

Do you miss being outdoors, even on the dreariest of days? Are your summers just too short? Did your evening dinner on the patio end too quickly because of the chilly weather? These are many others scenarios are why homeowners look for ways to bring the comforts of indoors to the outdoor patio.

Designers and manufacturers are honing products originally thought to cater to restaurants, outdoor bistros and factory floors, for the average home use. Comfortable patio furniture, gas BBQ grills, weather resistant patio umbrellas, chimeras, and now outdoor heating units are all affordable items to help lengthen your summer vacations and entertain guests even on the chilliest of nights.

Its okay to daydream about your first summer barbecue, relaxing in your lounge chair reading a great book or sipping a cool drink, or entertaining more friends than your living room can hold. What's better, propane patio heaters let you extend your summer season or start it early with patio style heating. You can do it today, as freestanding patio heaters are safe and effortless to use.

If you need something cozy for an intimate dinner under the stars, you'll find a number of table top patio heaters available. Typically if you are looking to warm a large area like a covered patio, you should look at the freestanding models. If you have a really large space to warm, you'll also find a number of energy efficient commercial grade patio heaters with propane, natural gas, and electric type fuel sources.

Propane patio heaters come in both permanent and portable outdoor styles, although most people can easily recall the tall slim portables models which heat from above. I suspect more than once, you have appreciated the warm while dining al fresco at your favorite restaurant.

You should shop for patio heaters where you buy patio furniture, natural gas, or butane heaters and in specialty shops for home decorating. Keep in mind the following thoughts when making your decision for gas patio heaters; most will increase the temperature about 10 degrees Fahrenheit:

1. Portable or Permanent? Natural gas heaters make perfect companions to existing gas grill installations, but bottled fuels make it easier to put the heat right where you want it.

2. Heating Area? Pick a heater for its ability to warm the area you use most, usually a 20-foot circle around the unit. Read product information carefully - the biggest and most expensive units do not always provide the most heat for your dollar.

3. Safety First - Be sure the gas patio heater you choose is carefully engineered for safety. Industry-approved designs feature safety tilt switches, sealed burners, flame controls, electronic ignitions and emergency cut-off valves. No sense in looking good if you aren't safe.

4. Infrared Heater Elements - Look for infrared heater elements with sturdy aluminum reflectors to direct the radiating heat down and out. You'll find them described as "mushroom" or "umbrella" designs on poles from 3 to 7 feet tall.

You may find some patio heaters are just clunky - they look like aluminum foil over coat hanger wire - but if you shop around, you'll find useful and attractive patio heaters in every price range. Prices can range from less than 120 for small portable units to permanently installed natural gas units closer to the 300 range. Look for heater bases with wheels inside and poles with tables attached; you'll use both more than you might think.

Specifically to the UK, you might consider brands like Lifestyle, Orchid, and Enders. Typically the higher end brands will offer you a choice of stylish colours to match your outdoor patio dcor. Look for LPG gas cylinders that include the Gaslow Regulator and Gauge. This is a handy feature to know when your propane tank is getting low. Some other features or considerations before you make your final decision could include the following:

* Wheels for ease of movement

* Hinge door and locking mechanism for tank storage and access

* Availabilities of colours

* Textured finish to complement your outdoor furniture

* Safety pilot assembly and shut-off valve

* CE approved

* Anti-tilt and heavy duty cast iron ballast weight

* Type of ignition - match free should be your preferred option

* Reflector dimensions

* Heating area and heating output or capacity

* Gaslow Regulator with Gauge

* Delivery or free shipping

* Warranty

* Operating Time

* Disposal or refillable cartridges or cylinders

With so many affordable choices available to you, extending the comfort of your indoors to the outdoors is a fantastic way to enjoy every day and make it sense like being on holiday. Enjoy the comfort of a gas patio heater this afternoon.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Flogas, a provider of gas patio heaters. Find gas patio heater in many styles and prices for any tastes and budget.

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