5 Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Home Deck

A home deck is the perfect spot to enjoy the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze on a summer's day. If the winter has been a particularly rough one, the deck can look slightly shabby by the time summer rolls around. The five ways to enhance the look of your home deck below, will guide you through some quick and easy ways to turn a dull deck into the most comfortable spot outside the house.

1. Powerwash and Stain
Wooden decks can quickly become weathered looking if not properly cared for, and power washing and staining the deck will make it look new again. This will help to not only protect it from the elements, but will also help enhance the look of the wood and deck itself. Buy or rent a power washer from a local home improvement store and spend a weekend getting the deck primed and ready for a busy summer season.

2. Furniture
Once the deck's wood has been taken care of, start thinking about the furnishings. Most homeowners do not invest in new patio sets every year, so that means taking care of the one that you own. Sand down any rusty chair or table legs, re-paint with a certified outdoor paint and freshen up with new or newly upholstered cushions. If new furniture is in the budget for the year, choose pieces that invite lounging and relaxation. A large outdoor dining table is also a good investment if you frequently entertain during the summer months. Keep the amount of furniture in proportion to the size of the deck. No matter how nice a chair or chaise may be, if it will create a crowded feel on the deck, it is not worth the money.

3. Flowers and Plants
A few large potted plants are perfect for decorating a home deck. Place them strategically around the space to separate areas, provide privacy or to offer shade. Choose plants that are appropriate for the amount of sun and shade that your deck commonly sees during the summer months.

4. What is the Theme?
If you want to have a truly unique deck, consider choosing a theme for the deck's decor. Whether it is nautical, tropical or floral, a theme can create a cohesive space that has its own charm and personality. Themes also make it easier to decorate the space, because they limit the number of options you have for accessories and fabrics.

5. Candles and Lighting
During the daylight hours, candles and lighting are not needed. However, if the deck is used at night, or even at dusk when the barbecue is fired up, having outdoor lighting is essential for enhancing the look of the space. Outdoor rope lights are great choices for railings and in the potted plants. Lanterns with citronella candles burning can be placed on hanging brackets around the deck, or on the railing ledge. Choose lighting options that will be the most practical and the safest for your family and your guests.

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