Garden Landscaping Design Ideas For A Gazebo

If you want to make your garden more characteristic, a gazebo can help you. Of course, the size of the gazebo should be in accordance with the area of your garden. It will not do to have a small gazebo in a large garden or a large gazebo in a pocket garden. There are several garden landscaping design ideas for adding a gazebo. These garden landscaping design ideas can be from a landscape architect or a person with a great eye for beauty.

Open Or Close Gazebo

A gazebo can be open or close type. The open type is usually held up by columns much like those of Greek design while the close gazebos may have doors and walls. Japanese garden landscaping may have some form of gazebo integrated into them but these are most likely to have Oriental or Japanese leanings instead of the traditional Victorian or Greek gazebo. The Japanese garden landscaping with gazebos usually have open gazebos. These gazebos are usually made of natural elements which is the one thing that most Japanese style gardens have. They prefer products with natural materials in their garden.

For open style gazebo, the garden landscaping design may lean more towards having some flowering hedges or bushes around the gazebo itself. These are usually low bushes which do not interfere with the entrances of the gazebo itself. Sometimes the parts of the open gazebo where the people are supposed to pass are left without hedges to give easy access. Close gazebos usually have woven walls or glass walls that give an illusion of semi privacy for those in the gazebo. Many people prefer this idea of a close gazebo to shield them from prying eyes.

Pathways And Other Garden Structures

Another example of garden landscaping design using gazebos is to make a pathway from one area of the main house to the gazebo. The pathway can be anything from flagstones, wooden slabs, straight cemented path and others. The pathway can also be bordered by ankle high to knee high hedges for easy leading. These hedges can be flowering or non flowering plants, depending on the preferences of the home owner. Other garden landscaping designs with gazebos for large areas are to place the open gazebo near or beside a towering tree or to place close to a pond.

Other garden structures such as fountains, waterfalls, fire pit and others are great and practical to put by the gazebo. Some gazebos may also serve as a cabana or a green house. Garden landscaping design ideas for those who wish to have a gazebo are plentiful.

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