How Can You Set up a Collector's Kitchen? - 4 Useful Tips

If you are someone for whom food is more than just sustenance, if it's a passion for you, you might want to set up a kitchen that reflects your zeal. If you like to dabble in exotic and unorthodox cookery from around the world, you can transform your kitchen into a collection of the best from all the cultures around the world.


Diversity is what unifies this planet. You would like your kitchen to reflect the varied nature of food culture throughout the world. If you are well versed in this field making a list of the things you like in your kitchen would not be a problem. However, if you are a fresh enthusiast then it might be a good idea to read up and educate yourself on the various cultures. It is very easy to be fooled in a purchase you know little about. Decide if you'd like to showcase the various oriental utensils and cooking aids or get traditional and historical equipment.

Theme Based Planning

If you'd like your kitchen to have a particular style or follow a distinct culture make sure you co-ordinate everything accordingly. If you want your kitchen to be a showcase of the Chinese style and food culture everything should be done up accordingly. A cane weaved steaming basket with vintage French wine flutes in the same kitchen, would set off contrasting flavors, and if you are working on a single theme, the flavor wouldn't be good.


Remember, your kitchen should not just be reduced to a museum or a showcase. It should serve its basic purpose of food preparation too. You should be able to use and clean whatever you buy for your kitchen. If you buy an Indian earthen pot or handi and do not have open fires on which they are used it would just serve as a showpiece. The ability to be used should be one of the first criteria of all the purchases you are going to make for your collectors kitchen.


To set up a kitchen full of collectibles you need not necessarily travel the whole world. If you have an eye and taste for what you are looking you should be able to find something or the other in local flea markets too. You can also search online for exotic equipment and you would be pleasantly surprised to know just how much of it you can order from the comfort of your homes. One thing that you must realize however is that such a kitchen is built over time. You cannot make all your purchases at once or in a bulk. You need to be regularly vigilant and keep an eye out for all that would go in your kitchen. With time you would learn to spot potential purchases and thus add to your ever growing and dynamic kitchen full of collectibles.

A collector's kitchen if done in good taste can impress all of your friends with your passion for food. You would also find yourself enjoying yourself with a kitchen-full of things, each of which is a reminder of your zeal and enthusiasm.

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