Contemporary Rugs in Kitchens?

We all know that rugs are perfectly made for the living room, and that they're great to have in a bedroom, and even that they can look good in a dining room, but do you really want to have contemporary rugs in your kitchen? Most people believe that when you have a rug in your kitchen, you're begging for disaster. They believe that any type of rugs in a kitchen will become filthy very quickly and will need to be replaced. Can you actually have a rug in the kitchen without it becoming filthy?

The Right Rug

Before you can start wondering if your kitchen would do well with contemporary rugs in it, you first need to take a close look at your kitchen. What size of a kitchen do you have? Small kitchens can have rugs in them, but they may need to be fairly small rugs, while larger ones can have contemporary rugs that are large enough to cover a very large area. Are there a lot of obstacles in your kitchen? Do you have very little room to maneuver around in? Some people, often those who live in small apartments, have tiny kitchens, and it just may not be a good idea for you to put a rug in your kitchen.

If, however, you have a larger sized kitchen, you may be able to find the perfect rug for your kitchen, particularly if you have a breakfast nook or an area in your kitchen where you have a table or butcher block. Putting contemporary rugs underneath items like tables and butcher block counters can be a great way to draw your attention to the item and to class up your kitchen a little bit.

Messy Rug

Once you have your rug in your kitchen, what do you do with it to keep it clean? Some people wish that they could put plastic on their rugs in order to protect them, but you don't really need to. If you're trying to keep your contemporary rugs clean in the kitchen, the first thing that you need to do is to place them in an area of the kitchen that doesn't get much traffic. Having one under your kitchen counter or butcher block is a solid choice. Having one directly under your stove, sink, or refrigerator may not be the ideal choice, though. Spills are pretty common in these areas.

If your rug does get dirty, make sure that you clean it properly. Sop up any wet mess that you have made as quickly as you make it, and apply carpet cleaner to it. The faster you're able to treat a stain on your contemporary rugs in your kitchen, the more of a chance that you'll have in making sure that the stain doesn't stick. If you have a slightly more stubborn stain, make sure you do some research about your specific type of rug to make sure that you know the best way to remove stains from it.

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