German Engineering: Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs

When you think of modern, no doubt you have a rush of images from sleek poly-laminate cabinets to state-of-the-art technology, including lots of computerization. For the more discerning customer, with an eye for style and sleek look, you might even say, it's the 'no-knob' or handle-less convenience offered by modern designs. Although by standard definition, a modern kitchen is one which uses electricity or gas, we'll focus on the conveniences of modern kitchen design and the benefits you can potentially enjoy every day. Going one step further, let's look at how German Kitchens are revolutionizing how we enjoy our kitchens today.

Synonymous with German engineering is the notion of everything working together and working beautifully. German engineering equals quality as a standard. It represents the utmost in high-end luxury, true ergonomic design, and innovation. When it comes to kitchen design, engineering is equally important to produce a timeless, well-tuned, and extremely functional end product. Thus if you are buying a new kitchen, one that looks as good as it works, you'll also want to know that your investment will bring joy for many years to come.

A central aspect to any kitchen design is the lifestyle of the family it needs to support. In many cases today, the kitchen is used for much more than food preparation, cooking, and eating. The kitchen has become of the center of life and living, hence design and aesthetics fill a very different role than they did previously. Whether a trend-setting single, a more discerning professional, or supporting the rigors of every day family life, finding the right kitchen designs does not need to remain a dream.

A major German Kitchen designer suggests the following kitchen types. Which one most suits your style?

* Living - the family kitchen for people who expect the kitchen to be the communication center and the heart of every day family life. It's more than just a work space - it's light, open, modern and friendly. Storage space and functionality are combined with practical details, with surfaces friendly and easy to clean.

* Start - the basic kitchen for beginners, singles or "new singles." The kitchen is meant to be 'easy-going' with convenient technology. A lunch bar is a necessity. Visual appearance and creativity demonstrate an impression of independency and spare time.

* Prime - the comfort kitchen for a generation wishing to enjoy the best time of their life in an ideal environment. Value counts, therefore, this quality kitchen means sensible consumption, pleasure in function and comfort, and a high demand in ergonomics. Optimal utilization of the floor plan plays a major role.

* Image - the kitchen for aesthetes, successful in their jobs and with a high demand in design, technology and materials, the kitchen is their 'showroom.' Everything represents style, the form follows the function: the kitchen as self-realization at a high design level. To live creativity and to cook professionally with a big cooking island and a technical element: for oneself and friends.

* Feeling - the kitchen for sensual enjoyment, for deep harmony and high value. Approved materials, harmonious colors and solid visual appearance represent a personal world with the object of relaxation, durability and harmony with nature. The style ranges from classic to modern up to the cottage character, re-interpreted.

Organization is foremost in a German kitchen design. Everything should be found in the right place, at the right time, with absolute ease. Technology is found behind the cabinet doors, soft close drawers, and space optimizing carousel units. Cabinets, which store pots, pans, and your kitchenware, have evolved. Today cabinets come with not only more storage but more intelligent space usage. Known for their simplicity and elegance, modern kitchens can also be less expensive as compared to their traditional counterparts.

Here are a few things to consider about modern style kitchen cabinets:

* Availability of space - modern cabinets are well known for their generous storage space but consider space for storing heavy utensils and containers, such as jars and cans.

* Space distribution - within a given cabinet, make sure you have enough shelves with flexible spacing and easy access to store everything from small appliances to kitchen linens.

* Handleless or 'no knobs' - units incorporate an aluminum panel to allow the door to be pulled open from behind, 'push-to-open' or 'out-and-up' - all with clean look and 'no knobs' or handles to distract from the beauty of the system.

* Material - it is not mandatory that a modern cabinet should be made out of wood; ultra modern designs are using a variety of composite materials for a sleek look and easy care.

* Color - modern cabinets are now available in the wide range of vibrant colors, just be careful that your choice does not become outdated quickly.

* Glass - add substance to your modern kitchen cabinets with glass or Plexiglas fronts especially to display items like stemware and dishes.

* Mobile - freestanding or mobile kitchen cabinets, made with glass and durable plastics are a hot trend.

If you are looking to invest in a new kitchen, look for the simple and clean lines of modern German kitchens for a long-lasting, easy to clean, and chic contemporary style. Let the German engineering excellence be the top choice you consider.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for KDCUK, a highly experienced and well established company providing German kitchens and fitted kitchens to homes in the UK for over twenty years. Explore their best selling handle-less German kitchen ( range in various finishes; high gloss painted, vinyl wrapped, wood veneers and many more.

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