Corian Worktops Vs. Granite Worktops

Choosing the correct material for your kitchen worktops can be a very tricky business. Corian, Granite, Marble, Hi-Macs and more. There are so many options out there so how do we decide. Well I'm going to do a quick comparison of the two most popular high end worktop materials, Corian and Granite.


The cost of these two materials is very similar. However when a price up was done Corian worktops were slightly better value for money because for the same price we could get a higher grade of Corian compared to Granite.

Ease of Cleaning

Both these materials are easy to clean. Corian worktops however can be joined to create a single solid worksurfaces therefore there are no gaps or crevices to collect dirt or mould. Corian is extremely easy to clean using soapy water or a little abrasive cleanser. It resists stains because it is non-porous and liquids cannot penetrate. Mould, mildew and germs cannot live on it. Granite requires sealing in order to be stain resistant. As it is a natural substance granite is porous and can stain without proper sealing.


Granite needs sealing occasionally to keep its qualities. Corian however requires no sealing or resealing and doesn't crack and chip as easily as granite does. If your Corian worktops become scratched or damaged then they are very easily repaired by buffing them right out.


This is a hard topic as it all depends on personal preference. Granite has a more natural look to it but because of its natural properties but it rarely has a complete uniform look across the whole worktop. To achieve a uniform look higher prices are usually as a result. Also because of the characteristics of granite it means it will contain joins that are visible to the eye. Corian on the other hand can be joined to create the look of one solid piece of worktop with no visible joins. As it is a man made product Corian has a completely uniform look throughout. Even when repaired and sanded down Corian still keeps the same look and feel throughout.


Corian worktops offer the buyer limitless design possibilities because it can be thermoformed to any shape. Corian offers seamless joints and sinks and perhaps it's most attractive quality to buyers is it can be restored to its former glory if it was ever damaged. Minor damage in granite can also be repaired however more extensive damage such as large chips are far more difficult to repair, often requiring replacement whereas Corian does not.

Resistance to Heat

Placing hot pots and pans on any worktop is a mistake. Corian does not melt or burn however high temperatures can cause some marking and colour distortion. Granite is resistant to higher degrees of heat but like Corian still can mark if exposed to high temperatures.

In conclusion both of these worktop materials are excellent choices but depending on your circumstances and preferences will determine which material you choose. Corian worktops are more user friendly due to its durability, uniform colour and ability to be repaired easily. This is why many people who do not want the hassle of having to continually look after their worktops choose Corian plus houses up for rent often prefer this material of choice. Granite however can produce a more natural appearance but to achieve this quality higher costs can be a result.

Adie is the creative designer for C.JEM Worksurfaces who are specialists in corian worktops ( and worksurfaces.

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