Choosing the Right Colour For Your Home

Often people overlook the importance of the colour choices they make in their home. Some people choose by what is on trend, others choose anything that's off-white and some people paint each room with a wall in a bold feature colour.

But what do these colours mean to your well being and state of mind? Whole books have been written about colour psychology so before you go splashing around with a paint brush we've compiled a few of the basics you need to know.


This is a popular paint choice for many home interiors as it is a subtle undertone and unobtrusive. The first and most obvious feeling that comes to mind when thinking of the colour yellow is happiness. Yes, yellow is the colour of happiness and as it's the most closely associated colour of the sun evokes feelings of warmth and cheer.

The sun throws out ultraviolet rays which help release endorphins into our bodies resulting in bursts of euphoria and energy. Similarly, light yellow which induces the same psychological feelings as actual sunlight, can create the same feelings.


Simulating the quiet of a forest interior or outstretched glade is the type of environment you'll be creating when painting your walls pale green. This earthy colour is good for creating a calm, quiet home. An easy way to bring a pop of colour back into the home to balance the subdued nature of this colour is by introducing bright furnishings like art and cushions.

However, if you're the type that likes a soothing and relaxing home environment you might play on this colour choice further by choosing wooden furniture, earth tones for your home wares and landscape feature art to tie it all in.


Blue is a good colour for bedroom interiors being that it emotes a calming, tranquil vibe - perfect for a good nights sleep. Another calming colour, Sky Blue is also noted for its ability to create an environment of trust and safety making it a great colour for babies or children's bedrooms.

Sky Blue is a quite a bright colour and shouldn't be used throughout the whole house but a feature wall or accent colours placed throughout the room will illuminate its psychologically beneficial properties.


A rich and robust colour, deep red exudes elegance and a cultivated taste rather like the palate of a good wine. You'd often find this kind of colour used in an old English manor. Today it should be used sparingly but can create a sumptuous feature wall in the dining room or lounge to give a bit of 'old world' class creating an 'expensive' look with the right furnishings.

Some colours can create negative emotions as well so be sure to choose the right red. Some reds might evoke feelings of anger or danger such as a bright red. Only larger, well lit rooms would do well with this colour as darker colours can make small rooms appear even smaller.


Black is very on trend right now but can be difficult to work with as it is an incredibly powerful shade that can convey the positive emotions of elegance and sophistication but can also represent mourning and oppression. The best way to work with black is bring out its positive aspects so everything associated it with it must be bold, classic and expensive looking to play on black's best features.

Black works incredibly well with white as white gives off a pure, pristine vibe that offsets any negative components of its opposite shade black. Earth tones also work well with black but be careful with bright accents as these can look tacky.

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