Flower Arrangements That Catch the Eye

There is nothing quite as beautiful and mood-boosting as an eye catching flower arrangement. Flowers can brighten any occasion and bring life and texture to any room in your house. When the warm weather arrives and summer flowers are in bloom, it is the perfect time to think about creating the perfect arrangement of flowers.

The saying, "Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul." is very true. Flower arrangement is an art and it is widely used in hotel, offices, and hospitals every single day.

There are many different types of flowers to pick from but the most popular flowers in Canada are impatiens, lilies, freesia, petunias, daisies, the pansy, delphinium, roses and even the wild rose. Other popular choices are phlox, aster, chrysanthemums, and anemone.

Taking the time to find the right combination of summer flowers can go a long way creating flower arrangements that catch the eye. There are several different types of flower arrangements that can showcase your summer flowers....here are some of the most popular:

Circular shape: When you arrange flowers in a circular design, it adds a pleasing element to the viewer's eye. The circular or round shape is close to nature since the majority of flowers lie in this shape. Circular flower arrangements are one of the easiest to master. This type of arrangement is usually displayed on conference tables or on buffet tables.

Triangular shape: This shape is one of the most common arrangements of flowers used in Personal and Professional functions. It is made in the triangle shape with the tallest flowers in the middle.

Crescent shape: The crescent shape of flower arrangement is asymmetrical and best for more formal occasions. It requires lot of skill and experience to master, but once you do people will definitely take notice. This type of arrangement is very eye catching. It is the type of arrangement kept in the lobby of a hotel. It is used as a focal point to catch the attention of the guest.

Fan shape: The fan shape is a low arrangement that will not interfere with conversation across the table. It is horizontal in layout and generally placed in a restaurant either in a buffet or on a dining table. Hotel rooms also have this kind of arrangement.

Hogarth or 'S' shape: This is very graceful style of arrangement. It is easier to make when curved branches are used. Once the 'S'shape is made, flowers are filled at the center.

Ikebana: This means 'making flowers live' in Japanese. People in Japan use flowers to symbolize the season. They represent ideal harmony between earthly and eternal life. This style of flower arranging has been practiced for over 100 years. The formal type of flower arrangement is called Seika style. The floating type is called Ukibana and the basket type Morimano.

Creating an eye catching flower arrangement with summer flowers from Canada can be a fun experience, with a wonderful result that you won't soon forget.

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