Dare to Be Different: Decorate Your Son's Nursery in Festive Orange Hues

There's no law that says a newborn's nursery must be either blue or pink, so the nursery police won't come after you if you choose pumpkin or tangerine for your crib bedding. Babies love all sorts of colors, and while they respond strongly to the three primary ones, they also enjoy bright secondary colors in any of the many hues that can be found on fabric swatches and in lead-free paints.

Color alone can even make a wonderful theme, if a decorator picks different shades of the same color to highlight and enhance one another. The orange family is an excellent example, as you can see by looking to nature and picturing all the marvelous flowers that bloom in assorted orange tones. Fruits and vegetables, like oranges and orange peppers, also seem to stand out most as you're passing a produce stand on the street.

If you are expecting a boy and want to make his new bedroom stand out from all the rest, check out the links that appear when you search online for orange baby bedding. You will note that you are not limited only to solids, if this is the color you select, since there are lots of prints that will coordinate well with your eye-catching orange nursery linens.

Many accessories come in shades of orange as well; there are orange-toned chair cushions and window curtains in various styles to accommodate various tastes. While some bed sheets are printed with graphics, others come in handsome striped or checked patterns. Regardless of which you prefer, be certain you are buying sheets that tuck tightly around your crib mattress to keep baby safe, and wash them once or twice before using to remove any stiffness or unwanted trace chemicals.

For the sake of your pocketbook, you might want to consider making your choice from among the all-in-one bedding sets. These are almost invariably lower in cost than individual purchases and make the whole decorating process go much more quickly and smoothly. They also tend to contain articles which are manufactured in regulation sizes, so you can adhere to today's recommended safety practices.

This is an age when individual expression and creativity are far more accepted, and even prized, than they were in the not too distant past. Baby boy bedding in a not so common color is one fine way to encourage both your child's individuality and his naturally enthusiastic response to the even more colorful environment of the outside world.

Traditionally, baby nursery's are only blue or pink, but it doesn't have to be that way: now parents choose colors ranging from the more expected blue and pink to every warm and exciting shade of orange crib bedding. Infants are partial to all kinds of colors, especially the primary colors, but they love vibrant secondary colors too, and lead-free paints and fabrics can easily be purchased.

You can put a twist on your son's nursery by purchasing one of the many styles of baby boy bedding. You'll notice that you are not limited to solid colors, if this color is what you choose, as there are many prints that will go together with your orange nursery theme color.

Orange is a bright cheery color to decorate a child's room in and we have accessories in orange. Chair cushions, window curtains, and other accessories are available so you have your choice! There are linens that have overall graphic designs, but there are also those that are beautifully striped or checked. Notwithstanding your design preferences, make sure to choose sheets that will fit snugly and tightly inside the cribs so that baby is as safe as possible, and remember also to wash them once or twice to remove any stiffness and trace amounts of harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Fenella McPherson is a writer for Baby Bedding Zone, an online retailer of baby bedding, including a wide selection of orange baby bedding and baby boy bedding.

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