Create a Unique Feel in Your Home With European Designs

With more and more home decorators trying to create a sense of elegance and comfort in a home. The have started to decorate homes in the French Country or European design style. This style brings old world charm and sophistication, Using wrought iron looking lighting fixtures and antique looking decor. This styles incorporate even lighting fixtures like the black chandelier and old style of Quoizel lighting items design based on old European designs. When you enter a home with a French country design theme you will be able to notice it right away with dark rich colors and unique old world design.

You can see the luminosity in hues. European style decor colors are darker and nature oriented. The color red and its many hues may connote sunsets in the desert or plains; while brown, black, or beige denote nature at different times or sites like forests, night, earth, trees. Choose your over-all design layout and work around it in using lighting fixtures.

Antler lighting fixtures may be seen a more western design scheme, but many manors and castles in Europe use a wide variety of antler chandeliers and lighting. European decorating motifs. Deer antlers sheds or not are fixed with light areas of house interiors with the log cabin or cottage look. They also look very fine in game rooms or bars, and best when accompanied by replica muskets, bows and other old hunting tools on the wall.

Unique Table can also highlight a European style interior when the styles are derived from the Old West forms. In some styles lamps with borders or trimmings such as the Tiffany style ones would fit in, but for additional rustic decor styles, rawhide shades may be more appropriate. It will be easy to find what fixtures are widespread if you know which years you want your decoration to imitate. The lamps may even use metal of brushed or wrought iron varieties rather than wood, but they must be in keeping with the rest of the decorative articles you use.

Wall light fixtures like wall sconce lights may also be styled in the European motif, commonly of metal, but using wood and leather may be more suggestive. Carved wood sconce lights may fit cottage or log cabin interiors, while iron would suggest the atmosphere of better European style homes or hotels. Perhaps you can base your lighting fixture adornments old classic movies, as movie set decorators are more informed about the era they show in the films, down to the lighting minutiae of the room, cottage, cabin or hotel of the time.

Lastly all your decor in your home must tie together to create a sense of flow. A well placed tapestry hung on a wall will accent a rustic end table or desk. To create a European design scheme you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can you a few well placed decor piece along with a good lighting scheme and you can easily create the feel and atmosphere that you are looking for.

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